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02:30 – Nik Molnar Introduction

02:50 – What Microsoft’s Cross-Platform and Open Tooling Team Does

03:41 – Microsoft and Open Source

05:25 – Performance

08:15 – Is good, clean architecture at odds with high-performance code?

09:41 – Latency and Bandwidth

20:23 – Hierarchy of Needs for Users of Software

24:36 – Controlling Performance

  • “Performance Budget”

26:21 – The Cost of Performance (ROI)

31:57 – Speed Index

41:50 – Avoiding the “It feels fast on my machine” Syndrome

45:03 – RUM = Real User Monitoring

  • Navigation Timing
  • Resource Timing
  • User Timing

46:24 – Synthetic Testing

47:50 – Performance Audits

50:39 – Do Less

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