02:54 – John A. De Goes Introduction

06:34 – Phil Freeman Introduction

07:38 – What is PureScript?

09:11 – Features

12:24 – Overcoming the Vocabulary Problem in Functional Programming

20:07 – Prerequisites to PureScript

26:14 – PureScript vs Elm

40:37 – Similar Languages to PureScript

44:07 – PureScript Background

47:48 – The WebAssembly Effect

51:01 – Readability

53:42 – PureScript Learning Resources

55:43 – Working with Abstractions


Philip Robects: What the heck is the event loop anyways? @ JS Conf EU 2014 (Aimee)
loupe (Aimee)
The Man in the High Castle (Jamison)
Nickolas Means: How to Crash an Airplane @ RubyConf 2015 (Jamison)  
Lambda Lounge Utah (Jamison)
Michael Trotter: Intro to PureScript @ Utah Haskell Meetup (Jamison)
Utah Elm Users (Jamison)
Screeps (Joe)
Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era by Tony Wagner (Joe)
Dark Matter (Joe)
LambdaConf (John)
@lambda_conf (John)
ramda (John)
Proper beef, ale & mushroom pie (John)
Tidal (Phil)
purescript-flare (Phil)
The Forward JS Conference (Phil)



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