190 JSJ Web Performance Part 2 with Nik Molnar


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    JavaScript Jabber Episode #184: Web Performance with Nik Molnar (Part 1)

    02:04 – Nik Molnar Introduction

    02:58 – RAIL (Response, Animation, Idle, Load)

    06:03 – How do you know what is being kicked off? How do you avoid it?

    08:15 – Frame Rates

    16:05 – Scrolling

    19:09 – The Web Animation API

    21:40 – Animation Accessibility, Usability, and Speed

    27:14 – HTTP and Optimization

    35:25 – ES6 and Performance

    40:46 – Understanding the Scale

    43:30 RAIL (Response, Animation, Idle, Load) Cont’d

    46:15 – Navigator.sendBeacon()

    47:51 – Memory Management and Garbage Collection


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