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192 JSJ IoT with Peter Hoddie

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02:10 – Peter Hoddie Introduction

02:36 – Kinoma     

03:28 – Embedded Development in C; Approachability

05:24 – IoT = Internet of Things; Embedded Devices and Systems

08:59 – Mesh Networking

10:41 – IoT and JavaScript

20:08 – Getting Started & Electrical Engineering

22:42 – Testing

24:56 – Security

31:07 – Bootstrap

34:16 – Community Resistance

35:56 – Where is IoT heading as far as applications go?

  • Scriptability

41:57 – Preparing Today for the Future


Let’s Encrypt (AJ)
The web accessibility basics (Jamison)
readthesource (Aimee)
Drip (Chuck)
Twilio (Chuck)
JS Remote Conf (Chuck)
All Remote Confs (Chuck)
Standard ECMA-262 (Peter)
The Future of the Internet–And How to Stop It by Jonathan Zittrain (Peter)
Software Freedom Conservancy (Peter)

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