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03:59 – JavaScript Tools Fatigue

09:25 – Are popular technologies ahead of public consumability?

12:53 – Adopting New Things / Churn Burnout

18:02 – Non-JavaScript Developers and Team Adoption

30:49 – Is this the result of a crowdsourced design effort?

35:44 – Human Interactions

45:00 – Tools

47:03 – How many/which of these tools do I need to learn?


Julie Evans: How to Get Better at Debugging (Jamison)
Totally Tooling Tips: Debugging Promises with DevTools (Jamison)
Making a Murderer (Jamison)
Scott Alexander: I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup (Jamison)
@SciencePorn (Dave)
postcss (Aimee)
Cory House: The Illogical Allure of Extremes (Aimee)
Kerrygold Natural Irish Butter (Aimee)
Star Wars (Joe)
@iammerrick (Joe)
Greg Wilson: What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It's True (Joe)
The U.S. Military (Joe)

Operation Code (Aimee)
Ruby Rogues Episode #184: What We Actually Know About Software Development and Why We Believe It's True with Greg Wilson and Andreas Stefik (Chuck)
Serial Podcast (Chuck)



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