199 JSJ Visual Studio Code with Chris Dias and Erich Gamma

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02:13 – Chris Dias Introduction

02:21 – Erich Gamma Introduction

02:31 – Visual Studio Code

03:49 – Built on Electron

04:25 – Why another tool?

  • Visual Debugging
  • Keybinding Support

08:12 – Code Folding

09:00 – Will people move from Visual Studio to Visual Studio Code?

12:06 – Language Support

18:06 – Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Goals

22:47 – Community Support and Building Extensions

28:31 – The Choice to Use Electron

32:41 – Getting VS Code to Work on the Command Line

35:02 – Tabs

38:49 – Visual Studio Code Uptake and Adoption

40:11 – Licenses

44:46 – Designing a UX for Developers

58:15 – Design Patterns


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Mogo Portable Seat (Chuck)
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Salsa (Chris)

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