229 JSJ Elm with Richard Feldman



    1:13 No Red Ink is hiring; Richard’s book-in-progress

    2:10 Frontend Masters Workshop

    2:55 Elm’s primary function

    5:10 Using Elm over using Haskell, React, Javascript, etc.

    9:15 Increased usability of Elm with each update

    13:45 Striking differences between Elm and Javascript

    16:08 Community reactions to Elm

    20:21 First Elm conference in September

    22:11 The approach for structuring an Elm app

    23:45 Realistic time frame for building an app from scratch

    32:20 Writing pure functions and immutable data; how Elm uses Side-Effects

    38:20 Scaling a big FP application

    44:15 What Javascript developers can take away from using Elm

    48:00 Richard on Twitter


    “In a World…” Movie

    Building a Live-Validated Signup Form in Elm

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    CETUSA – Foreign exchange program