231 JSJ Codewars with Nathan Doctor, Jake Hoffner, and Dan Nolan


    3:23 Discussing the purpose and aim of Codewars

    7:30 The process for building a program with Codewars

    11:07 The UI and editor experience

    12:55 The challenges faced when first building Codewars

    14:23 Explaining PJAX

    16:54 Building code on Codewars

    21:24 The expanded use of KATA on Codewars

    23:11 Practicing “solving problems” and how it translates to real world situations

    34:00 How Codewars proves out the persistence of coders

    36:41 How Codewars appeals to collaborative workers

    44:40 Teachable moments on Codewars

    49:40 Always check to see if Codewars is hiring. Codewars uses Qualified.io, which helps automate the hiring process.


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