JSJ 232: GunDB and Databases with Mark Nadal


    03:45 What makes the Gun database engine special

    07:00 Defining a database

    12:58 The CAP Theorem

    22:56 What Graphs are and how they function (circular references)

    30:32 Gun and rotational disk systems

    32:08 Gun’s optimizations for performance in ensuing versions

    39:55 The prevalence of open source companies

    42:45 Further discussing the CAP Theorem and its nuances

    50:33 Gun’s purpose and design

    52:13 What a Firebase is

    54:22 How to get started with Gun – Visit Gun Tutorial,  Gun's Github Page, and

    Gun Node Module


    “I think the database should bend to your application’s demands, rather than you having to bend to the database’s demands.” –Mark Nadal

    “…The protocol that GUN defines is something that can be implemented in any language. Because GUN is in the language, you don’t have the context which latency of having to make an HTTP call or socket request…” –AJ O’Neill

    “Let’s demystify the black magic of CAP.” –Mark Nadal


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    Young Frankenstein Movie

    Mystic Vale Card Game

    JS Remote Conference

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