Previous Episodes with Visual Studio Code’s Team:

JSJ Episode 199, Visual Studio Code with Chris Dias and Erich Gamma

JSJ Episode 221, Visual Studio Code with Wade Anderson

1:45 – What’s new at Visual Studio Code

3:42 – Confusion with Javascript versus separate languages

7:15 – Choosing your tools carefully

8:20 – Integrated shell and docker extensions

12:05 – Extensions and extension packs

16:15- Deciding what goes into Visual Studio Code and what becomes an extension

18:20 – Using Github Issues and resolving user complaints

22:08 – Why do people stray away from VS proper?

23:10 – Microsoft and VS legacy

27:00 – Man hours and project development

31:30 – The Visual Studio default experience

37:10 – What are people writing with VS Code?

39:20 – Community versus developer views of VS Code

41:40 – Using Electron

44:00 – Updating the system

44:50 – How is Visual Code written?

48:00 – The future of Visual Code Studios


Don McMillan (AJ)

Daplie Wefunder (AJ)

Daplie (AJ)

Facebook feed blocker plug-in (Charles)

Tab Wrangler (Charles)

Smart Things (Chris)

Wood Pizza Ovens (Chis)

PJ Mark, Chris’ friend and marketer (Chris)