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Clean Code JavaScript with Ryan McDermott

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles, Joe, Aimee, Cory, and AJ discuss Clean Code JavaScript with Ryan McDermott.  Ryan is a UX Engineer at Google and has been a professional developer for 5 years. He's focused on frontend Angular and backend node.js. Stay tuned to learn more about his current project with JavaScript!

How Clean Code JavaScript Started

From Ryan's experience on JavaScript, he moved to Backbone, Ember, and React. When he went back to writing JavaScript, he found himself to be lost in what he was doing.  He was soon recommended to read a book called Clean Code. He kept a code diary where he recorded concepts from the book which bothered him. When he reread his diary around 6 or 7 months ago, he realized that nothing much was mentioned about JavaScript. He found out that there are several problems that are very much applicable to the idea of Clean Code concept. Since no one has ever produced a style guide, he decided to create one, adapting the Clean Code concepts.

Theory Into Practice

JavaScript doesn't have much visual noise because it doesn't have types. Being the case, one can see the actual business logic there. Having learned from examples, he did away from the theoretical approach. He believes that people in the community want to see something actual. The theory behind Liskov's substitution principle is a little obtuse, and it uses formal language. When you see concepts laid down, you'd realize you have done it before. Concrete examples help developer see the more specific picture, relating to what the principle is talking about.

Liskov's Substitution Principle

Taking LSP to a more philosophical level, it is a pragmatic version of what Polymorphism is supposed to be. It should enable you to use your objects which are derived from the base class. Prototypes can just be extended if this is JavaScript. They should be able to connect when used the same way. The solid principle is the backbone of the Clean Code. There is a book that focuses on the larger set of principles. This covers how you name your variables, how you handle concurrency and the like. Basically, it deals most of what developers are going to see. Since JavaScript has all the same problems in the new language, this book helps you out in the process. Download and listen to Clean Code JavaScript with Ryan McDermott. Connect with Ryan on Twitter and Github. He would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him you heard him on Devchat.tv.


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