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Contributor Days with Tracy Lee

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Aimee Knight and Charles Max Wood discuss Contributor Days with Tracy Lee. Tracy is a Google Developer Expert and a co-founder of This Dot Media and This Dot Labs. She's passionately into helping startups create a connection with investors. Part of what she's been up to lately is what this episode is about. Tune in to learn about it!

Intro to Contributor Days

Contributor days is an event where programmers are gathered and different frameworks are featured. The ones that are currently ongoing are RxJS, Angular, and React. This event gives participants two advantages:  the opportunity to connect with large consumers of different frameworks and libraries and facilitate important conversations, making sure that the decisions made have a positive effect. This aims to encourage contributors who have not contributed yet to RxJS. They are provided with a guide on how to be familiar with the framework or library and participate. They also get to learn new things from large companies that are invited as well.

How to Join Contributor Days

If one wants to join the Contributor days, all he has to do is go to their official website and apply for it. Selection is made among applicants, of which some will be remote and some will be in person. This depends on the framework or library organizers are working with. They plan to record video clips of the event to help those who don't get to attend personally. Even if you are not around, you still get to see what's going on and gain insights. These will help you understand why such decisions are made.

Target Participants

Contributor Days is not intended for those who have never contributed to open source. Participants who join this event are mostly from the core team who have great experience in programming. Senior level developers who know how to contribute are encouraged to apply, as there are conversations for them that are facilitated. As for beginners, things are still being figured out how to make them possibly involve. Everyone looks for something a way to participate and learn. To learn more about Contributor Days and what it covers, download and listen to _Contributor Days with Tracy Lee__. _You can follow what Tracy is up to by following and tweeting her @ladyleet If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Contributor Days with Tracy Lee: Overview on Contributor Days? (00:56) How to join? (3:55) Who are the target participants? (6:41) Structure of Contributor Days? (10:14) Expected outcomes? (15:43) Tips for interested applicants? (17:33) On sponsorships? (19:57)


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