JSJ 258 Development in a Public Institution with Shawn Clabough

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Development in a Public Institution with Shawn Clabough

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles and Aimee discuss Development in a Public Institution with Shawn Clabough. Shawn is a developer and developer manager at Washington State University. He works with the research office, and has been in the industry for 20 years. Tune in to this exciting episode!

Difference in Working in a Public Institution

Working in a public institution isn't about working to earn money. Shawn shares that a lot of the things he does are internal. All of which are about how they can affect and improve the institution as a whole. He has been in different universities. His audience are prospective students and other members of the academe. According to him, they have a variety of needs, expectations, and experience level which he is bound to meet as a developer.

The Main Challenge

Developers may find it easier to work in a public institution, since their target audience is not difficult to identify. But one thing that's challenging, according to Shawn, is the University has multiple campuses throughout the state. This requires them to have a steady means of communication to collaborate.

On Student Interns as Developers

Shawn hasn't worked too much with student interns. He finds it challenging to keep them around, and to relay their skills and knowledge to others. But, from time to time he does have some Computer Science and Business students who ask for his tips and insights about specific areas in life. Download and listen to Development in a Public Institution with Shawn Clabough. Connect with Shawn on Twitter @ulfius66 and GitHub @clabough. He would love to hear from you!


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