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Docker for Developers

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles Max Wood, AJ O'neal, Aimee Knight, Joe Eames, and Cory House discuss Docker for Developers with Derick Bailey. Derick is currently into Docker and has been doing a series on it at WatchMeCode. He is also writing an ebook titled Docker Recipes for Node.js Development which aims to provide solutions for things that concern Node.js. Stay tuned to learn more about Docker and the ebook which Derick is working on!

Docker Recipes

When you are learning how to cook on a daily basis, you rely on a recipe book which has the list of ingredients and instructions. You put all the ingredients together following the steps to produce the dish you are aiming to achieve. This scenario is an analogy to the software recipes book.

"The ultimate goal of any recipe should not just be to copy and paste and produce that one result. It should really be to look at what ingredients were used, which ones worked well together, and why they worked well together and ultimately create a deeper sense of understanding for what you're cooking." - Derick Bailey

In the software recipe book, the tools and commands represent the ingredients. A developer puts the ingredients together to produce the expected outcome. The ingredient list is a set of commands, and each recipe has a set of cooking instructions.

Misconception on Docker

Originally, Derick's mentality on Docker was it's an up-stool. There was a giant blog post that confused many years ago because of a conversation that started from one person who just wanted to start a small application. Buzz words and nonsense things were thrown eventually puzzled people. Derick's introduction started with that event, and it caused him not to touch Docker for a very long time. For the longest time, he assumed that Docker was only for DevOps people. He thought that Docker was of no use to him. He just used Heroku or simple DigitalOcean startups with Wordpress most of the time.

Importance of Learning Docker for JS Developers

As a JavaScript developer, learning Docker is going to have the same pay-off with other kinds of developers. There are times when one works well for one machine, but not on another. You then ask yourself why things are going that way when you are sure enough that you have tested it already. The reasons that you come up with boil down to a few basic categories. It's either because of a different operating system, configuration bits for the software itself, or libraries and runtimes that need to be installed and configured. These cause machine issues, which are solved by Docker. To learn more about Docker for Developers with Derick Bailey, download and listen to the entire episode*.* Connect with Derick on his Twitter and his website. If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Docker for Developers with Derick Bailey: Background of Docker Recipes? (3:42) Why learn Docker? (8:09) How Docker helps in debugging? (10:28) Getting started with Docker toolbox? (28:02) What is a virtual machine? (31:05) Installation for the editor of choice? (42:13) How hard to have a setup? (53:33) Docker Recipes ebook preview? (62:09)


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Episode Links:

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