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Gomix with Daniel X Moore

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Aimee Knight, Cory House, and Charles Max Wood discuss  Gomix with Daniel X Moore. Daniel is a Software Developer at Fog Creek Software, and has been in the industry for 10 years. Their company currently offers an amazingly convenient way to build apps. Tune in to learn about it!

An Easy Way to Build Apps

Originally known as HyperWeb, Gomix is an easy way to build the app or bot you want. It's set to cater to individuals apart from developers. According to Daniel, they saw how a lot of people do programming without really considering themselves as such. Many just want their apps to work. With Gomix, you don't need to setup to understand systems administration. You can just click an app, remix it, and see it run.

Node.js and Express as Default

Gomix presents Node.js and Express as the default environment. It has the long term support version of Node and the latest version of Express. You can simply start with the default, and access a gallery of apps and categories in their community. Any library will work.

Faster Startup and Remix

Remixing instead of starting from scratch could require more work. What Daniel and his colleagues realized is this: most people just want to see small proof that their app works. They then just add their libraries once they see it run. The current project depends on Express. For this, Gomix makes is easy for everyone to see their app running without getting confused and overwhelmed. Startup time and overall remix are faster with Gomix. To learn more about Gomix and it's ease of use, download and listen to _Gomix with Daniel X Moore__. _You can follow what Daniel is up to by visiting Whimsy.space. If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Gomix with Daniel X Moore: What is Gomix? (4:00) Faster startup and remix? (9:42) What if you choose incompatible apps? (11:25) How to stay updated with package versions? (17:41) Why Fog Creek invested on Gomix? (20:56) Cross-shopping between paradigms? (29:00) What it's like to work at Fog Creek? (33:41) A win-win solution? (37:44)

This Week's Picks

Aimee: A Brief Introduction to Operating Systems book, RevConf in June Cory: Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think book, O'Reilly Fluent Conference Charles: Deep Work by Cal Newport, JS Remote Conf, Freelance Remote Conf (April), iOs Remote Conf (May), Ruby Remote Conf (June), MicroConf in Las Vegas, Podcast Movement in California, NG Cruise (May), Microsoft Build (May) Daniel: Gomix, Hamlet.coffee, Whimsy.space


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