JSJ 257 Graphcool with Johannes Schickling


    Graphcool with Johannes Schickling

    On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles, Aimee, and AJ discuss Graphcool with Johannes Schickling. Johannes is based in Berlin, Germany and is the founder of Graphcool, Inc. He also founded Optonaut, an Instagram for VR, which he sold about a year ago. Tune in to learn more about GraphQL and see what's in store for you!

    GraphQL Overview

    GraphQL can be considered a successor to REST APIs. It solves most of its problems such as determining the structure of APIs. You can simply select what kind of data you want by making a request to your REST API. If you do so, you can get JSON back.

    With GraphQL API, you simply send the JSON structure to the server. The GRaphQL then fills it out for you. It sends you back the data on the shape of the structure just exactly what you requested. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for REST APIs, introducing to different kinds of applications.

    GraphQL as a Backend Service

    Using GraphQL brings a lot of benefits instead of using proprietary technology. To make it work, you are required by Parse and Firebase to use SC case. GraphQL can be used as a transport layer in Graphcool. You just have to specify what kind of data you want to store.

    One way to store data is by visually creating a set of models. Another way is by specifying its GraphQL IDL which stands for Interface Definition Language. You basically write all your type definitions and sync that with Graphcool. This is how you can concisely define your data schema for your back-up.

    Deeper with GraphQL

    GraphQL started and developed in Facebook 5 years ago. Front-end and client developers collaborated and began a unified wrapping existing services. What they did was that they mutated data in a single and unified way.

    They put GraphQL proxy in front of them, having one single endpoint you talk to. This proxy translates to the old way which might be a REST API, XML API, or RPC style API. This is a really feasible approach for people to introduce GraphQL to the current projects.

    Download and listen to Graphcool with Johannes Schickling. Get connected with Johannes on his website, Twitter, and Github. He would surely love to hear from you!


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