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Graphcool with Johannes Schickling

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles, Aimee, and AJ discuss  Graphcool with Johannes Schickling. Johannes is based in Berlin, Germany and is the founder of Graphcool, Inc. He also founded Optonaut, an Instagram for VR, which he sold about a year ago. Tune in to learn more about GraphQL and see what's in store for you!

GraphQL Overview

GraphQL can be considered a successor to REST APIs. It solves most of its problems such as determining the structure of APIs. You can simply select what kind of data you want by making a request to your REST API. If you do so, you can get JSON back. With GraphQL API, you simply send the JSON structure to the server. The GRaphQL then fills it out for you. It sends you back the data on the shape of the structure just exactly what you requested. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for REST APIs, introducing to different kinds of applications.

GraphQL as a Backend Service

Using GraphQL brings a lot of benefits instead of using proprietary technology. To make it work, you are required by Parse and Firebase to use SC case. GraphQL can be used as a transport layer in Graphcool. You just have to specify what kind of data you want to store. One way to store data is by visually creating a set of models. Another way is by specifying its GraphQL IDL which stands for Interface Definition Language. You basically write all your type definitions and sync that with Graphcool. This is how you can concisely define your data schema for your back-up.

Deeper with GraphQL

GraphQL started and developed in Facebook 5 years ago. Front-end and client developers collaborated and began a unified wrapping existing services. What they did was that they mutated data in a single and unified way. They put GraphQL proxy in front of them, having one single endpoint you talk to. This proxy translates to the old way which might be a REST API, XML API, or RPC style API. This is a really feasible approach for people to introduce GraphQL to the current projects. Download and listen to Graphcool with Johannes Schickling. Get connected with Johannes on his website, Twitter, and Github. He would surely love to hear from you!


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JSJ 257 Graphcool with Johannes Schickling

Transcript [0:00] Music.[0:05] Everybody and welcomed episode 257 of the JavaScript jabber show this week on our panel we have any night.AJ O'Neal I'm Charles Max Wood from Devchat. TV.I may want to go check out reactor will confer any of the remote coming up you can submit talks we have a special guest this week and that's Johannes Schickling did I say that right.[0:35] That correct everybody do you want to give us a brief introduction who you are what you do.[0:41] So yes I'm currently living in Bellaire and I'm the founder of school before that I found a different company which was called and was like,Instagram for br but we result of company you roughly a year ago and since then we are we working on Crackle.[1:02] Very nice note this was a referral that we got from Ari Goldstein who we had on a while back and talk to him about grass to well now craft cool is,back into the service for graphic um if I could.Do you want to just give us a brief recap of what graft you all is well we won't spend too much time people can go listen to the episode you did with her.But I think it'll help kind of set the stage for what we're talking about today so I think was most of it.This episode is sponsored in Masters 2 million hours of front of Masters videos to upgrade their skills in the latest best practices in front end development in nodejs popular video courses of their horses,Advanced JavaScript API design with note and social and asynchronous JavaScript divas.com,but I think it'll help kind of set the stage for what we're talking about today.[2:10] So I think was most of El Paso familiar with rest API.Raquel you can think about graphical in many ways as a successor to the rest API.So it's also one of the most of the problems of rest API server example how do you structure a pin in a way to,do have structure and pulling some like a deeply deeply message or a completely flat,are you can selectively say what kind of day that you want so imagine that if you do a request to rest API you get Jason back.What do you do with a kind of send just the structure of the Jays and suggest the keys to the server and just the cheesy ones,and the Broncos are kind of shows that it also said I'll try and send you back data off,the shape of the structure you except that you specify on based on the request.So you can kind of use it as a drop-in replacement for Shi.And it opens up a whole new world for four different kind of applications and in general just a better replacement.And as many many benefits for example it's in general more performances you just.Lose weight weigh less on the date of Anguish you just carry the day that you need.[3:41] And you can also stay below the strong trips,and you can get data you wouldn't be able to get it for so the really best way to Japan I understand well all dead of try try and kill innocent.Yeah really like it is kind of a.It reminds me a bit of wear it well it is too well since recording which reminds me a little bit of SQL except it's it's Jason structures,and you you get back to really clean representation of your data which was really nicely and you don't have to set up an,is this is the thing that we drove me nuts about,rest was that you had to set up an endpoint for each set a date I wanted to get back in so even if I was requesting the same data if I wanted a structured a little bit differently.Either had to send back more information than I needed so I could if there in .4 multiple.Uses or I had to create and points for each different representation of the day that I wanted.[4:44] Exactly and then you just have to mess in the back end where you can really maintain it anymore since you have a lot of stuff then pulling or just a few said I'm going to give you way more than you actually need in most cases which makes it slow,Ann Arbor for mobile devices right so how do you go from graph to well to having a back at as a service because it seems like.Then I still have to go through the trouble of like specifying what my data is and telling you how to store it right.[5:14] I know so you can kind of like if you're already familiar with what's a mental model around Powers though maybe you've used 5 days,you're already familiar with these concerts,I'll just make it so much easier so they're there a lot of some nice benefits of using growth kill instead of proprietary technology so far,cars and 5 days they require you to use as a case to make it really work,what was up with you can you can really just use crock lso transport layer the end,then basically the way you specify what kind of day do you want to contest or you can do that in a couple of ways,one way might be to just visually on Craig settles way basically just say I have a model called,tweet tweet has a text has been created that which is a time zone.The other way would be to specified in What's called the bracha Lidl sofa The Sounds phone interface definition language.And staring and basically just ride out all the air type definitions and then assume that it was our product.So what does like the most concise way how you can actually Define your date of schema for backups.[6:50] To ask a question I don't recall us talking about this in too much debt before but I was watching something you did this morning to prep for today and I'm your kind of talking about,Mike rewriting,versus a Greenfield app and implementing graphic you also I'm kind of curious your thoughts on,but if you wanted to start using this but you don't have the luxury of working on a brand new project,what your recommended approach should be there in like what success stories you've seen I know it sounds like you get home.Actually rewrote I don't think they started from scratch I could be wrong but if you can go into that I'd be really curious.Definitely do you mean about the graphical in general,I just grab you on General because I think what I was watching this morning they recommended starting on the front end first and just going,bike component by component so if you could please talk about that a little bit I think I'll be really interesting for a lot of people.Right so basically started all this way so,what's the weather at Facebook,so I think it's now 5 years old and the way it started out was really but repping existing services in a unifying way that from the developers developers like.[8:24] Does the single unified wave off accessing data and mutating data to what they infected,is the dad likes their tissues Universe off different services and just put basically a crocodile,proxy in front of them,today you have one single and when you talk to and this proxy kind of translates it to the old way and so maybe there might be a rest API maybe that's an XML API maybe some kind of RPC style a tie,access as a as a proxy layer,and this is a really feasible approach people to interviews Raquel and the current rotates so is infect,and made for migrating your existing system to use from jail,okay and then one other thing that would I was watching this morning that they mentioned,was that it would definitely easier I guess to you like to go with the problems and you can for my understanding you're not just tied to react but are there other reasons why you would want to go with that purse is real.[9:36] Okay so you all can ride relay versus Apollo it in specifically cuz I know we've talked about this before but specifically if you wanted to like rewrite some,right soda and in general if you say rewriting to me in the back and although the front of the friend.[9:59] Right right so basically it depends on what their scenario looks like um I don't think that there is a good answer to where the Egyptians Apollo a relay.It really depends on on your situation I use case,so if you're used case it's really and that unfortunately not really really easy way to say where that fits on I just need a bit of experience with other then relay makes incredibly,fast and give you a lot of nice guarantees around using the system so I'm the way I always try to explain to people as,what's Rex Canada's for rendering today you that you just declare,does Almay component look like and you don't have to worry about that the Dome is manipulated in a circle a relay is it the same kind of guarantees,fart for your data on the side,the cases for this works pretty so you might,find yourself pretty pretty limited and Cindy scenarios Apollo is a better fit,things give you a lot of flexibility and just the freedom to do things in a certain way how you wanted to be so it's really just like.[11:34] Spectrum of flexibility in Magic I would say.[11:39] So talking about grass ql in general what's it like building a back in for it.We talked a little bit about you know some of your approaches to creating your data models and things like that but you know I'm assuming you this built-in JavaScript,looks like it backs up on AWS Lambda so I had it all together so that actually will work for me if I want to store data in.The crabgrass ql compatible back end.[12:10] Right so it's a good to refer to a person in general building Orosco beckoned are some a person wants to use a service when we start with your service and then we can get into what's it,what it takes to build a back in for graph too well if you did turn right back into the service isn't what you want to go.[12:31] Ruff Ryders so in general the way you sort out is really just by specifying your data structure so you could date eskina,just specifying that we generate a whole set of a guy's for you so what you all,tropical operations you get out of the box still Maybe,go back to the Twitter example and you have to like a tweet tweet of texts and so long and then there's also user tweets has them also and so are we generate,ideas for you that you can carry,tweets are a specific tweet and you can just adjust entry points into your garage.From there you can Traverse the garage you defined relations,they're all these mutations the example that you can automatically gets potations to create it reads to update Suites Austin,so either just your building blocks how you can store and manipulate data,everything you need from a from a perspective.2223 Oran you take data does it say?yeah it does so where where are the examples where I may not want to use a back into service.[14:03] Cuz it seems like you cover the basics so I'm kind of trying to feel out where the edges of this particular use case.[14:11] Right right then that was kind of also,the start was from Kool and the first place since I use services like cars or five days before and I got off and I got pretty flexible and all some of the expendable,so that you can just really gets to these,basic crocodile operations but you cannot really go go beyond you can and don't have an expressive way to define your data structure,to implement something,and this is where we are taking a different approach than we do from we can buy in Rock Hill,with similar functions and provide us like a double islamda that you have two sets of eyes,and you can extend it in any other way you might want to with some of the function so if you need a special mutation can just Implement self,headed to the schema and this is basically how we are,pushing the limits were somewhere you might want to come and get on back end,but you don't need it anymore since the things we we don't provide for you out of the box you can just talk into that.[15:38] Thinking about and about rest.What is the best you can.Cases.You have a clear face,and it does a really good job.also as the day comes for guys,what is the advantage of in the UCLA esposos.[16:45] Right so that's also kind of relates to a question we also getting quite often when people off those are all still.How do we Implement cashing are amazing in general with this girl scout.So I definitely have to think differently all you mothers in the manager's on for 4 numbers.You can basically cash Raquel api's in a whole new way and make it really really efficient actually cashing basically ear is about in terms of a data graph.And you can cash on many different different levels there Megan really efficient to to let people access your data.So we would be free to do as we analyze what are the trees people mostly mostly fire so if we see like these are the top five.I really Advanced queries which takes quite a long time for us to you to execute the crew then over time we're building with that thing all anything around that,Maggie's Chris Foster and we also implemented a whole hierarchy of different cashings.To that isn't aware of which kind of data changes so we can store a lot of data and read us which makes three Foster to retrieve.[18:20] So is there a particular.[18:27] Hey Stacy where.How do you bility to create a streaming people.Can you give me an example of a,YouTube.YouTube.the grasshoppers.Right on time I think we have to look at this from two different angles so one is how do you implement all that and how do you make it fast I think.Does this do something for example give you out of the box and if you're building your own background,Bengals where you have to have to get to pull up some some start tricks from,flying perspective I knew where when your payments from from from the front end developer perspective then you have to think about what kind of radar.[20:05] Miami expecting and you ride to the Caribbean 2,specify exactly what kind of structure you want and if you don't want to send that all the time over the wire that you can also use like a take me to Facebook.Internally uses what I called and assisted careers.So what are you basing you do if you don't send the entire tree but you just basically send a half.are some kind of some kind of pointer to the Caribbean the crew is stored internally on the server.So I'm kind of gives you the same characteristics as a guy,in terms of one.So you basically have one kind of and planned would you would you where you send I want these two SATA.You get that back without needing to specified on every request but the development I'm still have the same night as guarantees around Rock Hill,the world is more less.You're sending the soup of the day you want your sub.[21:36] Puppetry of the steam of Santa's, yes.[21:44] Yeah but you said that you can create a half of that and then it until after I get back on to really do it so I want to,I'll let the client tell me what Santa Cruz should give back,I need basic just started chemo used or off cheese and The Crazies.[22:11] Gotcha wondering about the security.You know we talked a bit about graphic you out with her but I don't know if we dug into the security of the query so how do you make sure that you know.You know maybe there's this hacker out there named Amy night then you know she's trying to get it some of my data you know and I only wanted to access some of my data but not all of the data right I don't I don't want to getting Social Security numbers or something.RideNow social security number check,I'm done that's a really good question also one of the things was,we wanted to do two different they compare to existing services so with existing Services you can usually use fairly simple and basic a cell rules,what are we basically we never extend tired at across just let you specify,gym membership rules so you can really easily especially for something like that,what's a way to link Twitter and for Twitter on one user,is trying to follow the other one but the other one has first to accept the follow request and just win this,has been accepted the musée can reuse a beast with something like this or like a really complex rules which go over manually so you can do that by just specifying basic Ronco trees.[23:54] Rescue Mission logic and your relational rules you can specify if these kind of conditions,allow or deny the servants or somebody be able to read something or update something else on and if that isn't enough,you can also for every kind of duration specify a set of lungs function which of elevate,and based on the results but it's true or false are the emission rule against allowed to the night,how do you authenticate somebody against graft you.In the first place right you just send it so we just talked about the authorization authentication as a child,step up so far for graphical we basically a lot of really flexible set of Oracle authentication providers,so you can use services like all Sero Twitter login Facebook login,you could use digits are amusing simple email password based building authentication provider or you could also simply,Implement yellow one,if you heard some bull if you if you don't drink but you have an existing customer base that you want to mate that you want to enable,existing users to Arcade without changing the password for example so I'm going back to your question.[25:30] Monogrammed cow level how that works,currently we just expecting a day WTN send as an h-2b header with every request so that works for cruise invitations,for subscriptions is basically a property is better try on the connection.[25:51] That makes sense and then on the back end it has some way of verifying the JWT and finding out who you are and what.What permissions you should have exactly so if you're flexible,realistic a break in a little money for the show by talking about meijer.com.Tired is the world's most intelligent Talent matching platform for full-time and contract opportunities and Engineering development design product management data science sales marketing.People fill an application and then top employers apply to hire you.[26:26] Dedicated Advocate will also have your back riding on by his career coaching help you put your best foot forward with potential employers.And hired offers access to more than 4,000 Innovative employers including big brand names like Facebook and smaller emerging startups the size and type of company you want to connect with his totally up to you.And help people find new opportunities and 17 major cities in North America Europe Asia and Australia so if you're open to relocation you can let him know and they'll work that into.Finally if you use Arm link you can earn double the normal hiring books.The normal hiring bonuses a thousand bucks and they give you 2000 step to go check them out of hired.com / JavaScript Jabber.[27:14] Exactly so if you're using all Sero then we are directly reusing your hero token.Um by setting up your calling you if you just share the author of Secret with us that we can verify,your tokens on your other providers,we basically swap out for example of face a temporary Facebook authentication token was sent over from Alice's some and then we can we can verify when I guess I should spell it on.[27:54] So one other thing that I've been seeing a lot of and it seems like a lot of these back into the service kind of lend themselves to this and it had conversations with you other people think we're going to have Travis to dwell on from,so here in a few weeks and we had a month adventures in Engler and anyway one of the things we talked about their worst service apps,and you know that the term kind of to me means I'm not the one managing the server as opposed to there's no back into it.Is this is this a paradigm that you've been talking to people about or am I misunderstanding the Paradigm some Ryan's Auto.The term centralized means a lot of things and it is kind of misleading in a way that mean so many things but the good thing is,all service encapsulated all of them,the way we are using them to to to clean all service so what you just said is the server this kind of describe some level of abstraction,so if you think about Hardware versus two instances,versus you have maybe I managed to read his state of a Sana native this or is this you have something like S3 is a whole different levels off of structure,so if you have your own your own Hardware server somewhere any basement that's like the lowest level of abstraction.The next one is like a virtual server then the next one might be.[29:29] Like what thread is RR yes on all of these services are you still have too many still have to think about,someone saw how much performance way one to have on an average cinemaximum and which Service is like.S3 for example all 8 of US Lumber you don't have to think at all about the capacity anymore,because you just pay as you go,does this really work with server list mean on that level,can I lick back of an actually ask a question because aws-lambda something that I first heard about recently so can we talk about,briefly what that is I know you,hand and touched on this a little bit in the past couple weeks on other episodes we're talking to the Microsoft people but,kind of when you buy your own server for example with her room cause something like this then you rebuild your entire back on application,has like a framework,and you just spit it out and usually has like an HP server running and then you can just serves a lot of requests and one server meant a lot of requests.What is $1 in inches,Implement basic function and dysfunction is executed when something happens so when something happens could mean as an HP request comes in.[31:10] Send a request in to the function the function is executed and can return something so you basically getting the function for so if you think about,concept down your function is basic me the information.Events could be if you want to use it for a barbecue than your age of Islam the function could be called for every new,driving you vent coming through through your shoe or you can have it around as a chrome job and some amazing,break all of your server down into the smallest pieces with the functions and dysfunctions executed for for you on your behalf.Our services like Adams Lumber.I could really give an example of a specific example exciting by really how people who are not familiar with this of like what you would you stop for like an actual specific example.[32:16] Right so I imagine you have AQ into this queue every time a new user signs up.Thursday message put into the SKU.Every time a message comes in you execute function and dysfunction for example is just responsible for sending this user a welcome email.You can really break down your business logic into small small chunks of logic.And functions do one particular thing.[32:50] Right so if you have some job that needs to happen on a regular basis or you need you know one thing that I looked at doing with with something like aws-lambda is I have a snack.Channel for some of the products that they have up there or some of the conference isn't putting on until when I keep thinking it would be nice to hit a webhook on tap here and then have it hit a Lambda function and all the Lambda function does add somebody to The Black Room.[33:18] Fart sound so you think about it.Yeah you make the request and it does the one thing and so that you can be a side effect that can be something else but yeah exactly,I know you're talking about and then we can talk about really functional programming,WWE can I let you in for many functions in a few way that they met data which you can also use long before all that they perform side effects like send an email sending some Cana,text medication card performing a side effect if you think about it,HP request which is being answered,this is also just a function which is involved and atavism the kind of abstract DHCP server away so in your application since you don't have to worry anymore new implementation,Buds and bandages,call inbox function when HP request comes in you can just worry about the response you want to send back,dysfunctional you don't have to worry about scaling things one of the biggest benefits of several letters,that you don't have to worry about scaling.[34:40] Yeah when we talked about microservices which are usually just very small apps that do a specific thing this is kind of a very.Bottom end of that where it's one function it doesn't one thing and so you can set up you can set up several functions across land and then you hit the function that represents the thing that you want done.Actually every long the function is kind of like reservists,but in the way usually use it while you're Michael Services kind of in a Dock Road Closter are you usually host of yourself and you have to worry about provisioning versus with a serval approach,for example if you don't get any loads over a month then you basically nothing and if you get a traffic Spike and you get like millions of Free Press then you don't need to provision servers.It's basically. You are on our second base is also just not there you can also use like a function IBM bluemix,a lot of different providers for socialism.[35:55] But going back to the previous question actually so it doesn't say what what service means.The other thing what service mean is kind of synonymous with,are these functions as a service so when we previously talked about S3 is basically service service that you don't need to worry about scale,but there's also this other company called Services which directly to the sternum and Brenda Sossamon,and they just make it really really easy for you to specify functions and integrating with sir,their infrastructure on with certain people can specify their functions in a way they did light.Employment with service and it is directly integrated who it was awesome,so how does somebody go about testing things with graphical.[37:08] Wright's Auto testing do you refer to business logic delivered to,integration you say like the system and I want a test like the entire flow of 10 years of signing up.And they get emails and songs over what kind of level of tests are you talking about I'm thinking more along the lines of the integration tests,the most the most unit tests in business logic tests are pretty straightforward I think.[37:39] You can use.Numbers to test your functions and have a manicure unit test.So integration test we're trying to make this really easy so you have maybe your existing project and production or and staging on development.What did you do is just take an existing project was it their entire database and so on and.Diapers is basically.Run your tests again so make sure everything happens as it should be and then you think. Don't again.[38:31] The one of the thing that I want to ask about really quickly is just too and this goes back to our conversation about backend-as-a-service and microservices and things like that but do you see what applications going more and more this way,as time goes on or do you think.Using just a certain sum class of web applications are going to adopt things like graph cool or Firebase or whatever and just not build up back in system the customized.[39:00] Brighton,so in general I think it's moving more more towards that direction so you can get all of our level of abstraction so what is steps going forward software is mama built,by combining existing services so you might use something would like to give you a false and insert search you might do something like all she wrote,Zoe recomposing your application stuck with different services and weary kind of fit into that is basic giving you,a really nice Ventura Raquel database if you if you want to think about it this way and that works with your existing tools,it just is a better replacement for phone mongodb office crest.[40:00] Really quickly I just have a couple more things that you told us about before the show that I just want to bring up one of them is that you're kind of toward the top of Hacker News.[40:11] So I'm curious what do you think that indicates about the way that things are going you know just as we kind of talked about here.[40:20] Right so we are on The Hacker News front page with a new to rebuild which is called grow up.So grow up facing Souls one of the biggest problems I personally had was grossed out when I started,I heard about rough tell you know it's all of the nice benefits of its but we need to get started first with me.HO2 to reuse it Center to get all of the benefits,you have some development skills and you build your own back on,are you use a crossbow back in the service but maybe you're not really sure whether that's the way you want to go and maybe the pricing doesn't doesn't fit what you want to do but you just want to get this,started quickly so,is it in touch with the simple stuff off the finding of schema and turning it into a girl Kelly Kelly,so everyone would have told us,your ride your email for example for for Twitter are you just right type Twitter a tie between which other text what up string and zombie just ride the Dome Run Health Care law.Twitter Davina and you got a girl and pulling out of the box.[41:51] So we just put it on when I can use and.Be everything that you mention to us and I thought this was really interesting is this just to your corporate advisors are one of them we had on the show in the other one I found very interesting you don't talk about that for a minute as well.[42:14] Right said we we started that's basically taking all of those earnings we had,from working with five days working with cars facing the analyzing the entire spectrum of back in the service and then we sat down and thought about how has the technology in ecosystem,and how can we learn from their mistakes all the things I've done turned so,we went to to have one of the founders of ours as an adviser with which is an incredibly powerful so he has a lot,insights into incident Tire business and how to the laws regarding providing the best,develop experience so that is incredibly incredibly helpful for us.And you already had on the show it was me Byron who is actually the inventors of Groucho.SoIt's really helpful bugs Simpsons we're working with a lot of cutting edge features around grub kill which sometimes not even officially in the back yet,Boston Freedom Parton's how we design our system going forward that it makes sense in the future and this way we can sometimes found some ideas back and forth.[43:53] To to make sure that it's the people on the other side,I was almost as great insights into how well has worked many years at Facebook scale that also helps us to to the final service,nice anything else we should know about graphical or anything that AJ or any you guys want to ask.[44:19] I'll I will take silence as let's go to pics.[44:23] Right actually love to add one thing which is that together with me Byron actually we are organizing rough Kelley Europe.So nice will be done,the first krumkill conference in Europe we have me as a keynote speaker we have the guys over from Paulo and base we have speakers from all around the world,and we would put it in terms of timing we just put it behind react Europe,so that actually people are attending wrecked Europe can also attend crossbow Europe and West versa,so that's going to be on Sunday on 21st and it's going to be in in Berlin Germany,nice I wish I could come.Alright well it's going to do pics.What's Paws for a moment to talk about our sponsor Taurus Tauruses a new tool for managing and securing the secret information that allows your app to run.Passwords API Keys database credentials all the stuff that gives access to the private stuff that you don't want anybody to touch except for your application in specific ways.[45:46] Tourist provides a convenient way to store all this information in the cloud and they can't access it because it's encrypted with material dry from your passwords with just never transmitted to their server.So it's secured from them from everybody else but accessible to you this means only the servers development machines and applications you've allowed can access the information to make Secrets management head,and check out today you can find it. TV / Torus.[46:18] Music.[46:28] You are a baby do you have some pics worse I did send one first one,Dynamic related is something I saw a hacker news I think last week depository CSI Pro tips and I started thinking through this and is Emmitt who has been doing a lot more front-end work lately and trying to get my CSS chops up in line with my JavaScript ones,I found like a lot of the stuff helpful and aligns with all the stuff that I've learned in the past couple months so that's my first thing,highly recommend.[47:07] Music.[47:13] And then I was also recommended to another one called for women only and so since I probably more guys listening to this there's one her only two so so far it is pretty good,I think it might be written by a Christian Author but there's really not like,there's really not a lot of well so far there has it really been any mention that Blake Christianity religion or anything like that so it's very yeah.Like Facebook if that's not your thing and that's it for me alright BJ you have some pics.[47:53] I'm sorry okay I'll go ahead and throw some pics out,first of all I just want to shout out that the GS remote by the time this comes out will be over however you can still get the video,it'll put you in the right place to get those I'm also putting on englar road, and react remote come so if you do either those feel free to submit a talk,and then finally.The last one of them in a picky is this audiobook that I've been listening to for a while and I really like it was recommended to me by my brother who is also into,fantasies stuff and it is called the emperor's Blades by Brian staveley now if.Four letter words bother you it has the f word in the s word in in a few times,so that but you then you know maybe you don't listen it's not.Super pervasive when it is I can't listen to the book and this one you know it pops up every once awhile so it's not it's not terrible that way but I do want to put a warning out there if that bothers you,you probably don't know this but I'm loving it on Audible and it's really great and then I'm going to pick another book and I may have picked this on the show before but when pick it again it's called Deep work Cal Newport and it is,awesome and I think it's a book that every programmer should read so yeah I'll put links to those in the show notes as well that you said you have a pic now.[49:23] Do now.And I had to learn 3 years so I've been,what is a vibrator in the original Zelda,your and you're,on the way,great time.[50:55] Wild freestyle gameplay in the winter,I think that you will not play in Iowa.[51:37] The movie.[51:47] Alright your highness what are your pics.Right I have one very special effects May which is I've jumped on to the Raiders bandwagon pretty early on,they're always like a lot of rough edges and was never really supposed to get started yesterday basically there there's a new tool released call Trainwreck native up,that is what the name just like trade your act up,before I go to to get to make it easier for people to recognize up so I highly recommend everybody to to check that out.[52:34] I actually so I get to spy on the react native Radio podcast panel.When they discuss their upcoming shows and I know that they have either wined it up or they are very close to lining up.The person who created that so if your internet needed and you want to know about this kind of thing the definitely go check out react native radio and that's react native radio.com.[52:59] Alright your highness if people want to follow you and get her or Twitter or Star when your repos or check out graph cool what are they do,the amazing you go to cross the pool,more of freon on Ghetto which is my last name is she saying I think you can find it in the show notes or on Twitter which is based on the score,just for me there or follow are all kinds and.Yep and I'll just point out if you're listening to this and you want to just go look it up while you're at it it's spelled how it sounds in English except for the,at the beginning is SCH.Alright well thank you for coming Yohannes this is really fun yeah thanks for having me letter all right we'll go ahead and wrap this one up then we'll catch up next week.[53:57] By been with for this segment is provided by Cash live the world's fastest Indian,Duluth fast with cash life visit.com to learn more.[54:13] Music. 

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