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HTTP 2 with Surma

On today's episode, Charles, Aimee, and Cory discuss HTTP 2 with Surma.  Alongside being part of the Chrome DevRel Team for Google, Surma works on different web app performance. He is also engaged in HTTP 2, interaction, UX, and spec work. Stay tuned to discover what HTTP 2 can do for you!

HTTP Overview

Since the 90s, Google has been using HTTP as its protocol in talking to web (stoppers?) and requesting files for download and display as website controller. The files that are transferred in this protocol are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. All of these are then combined by the browser. Due to incompatibility issues between some decisions made and web usage, HTTP 1.0 was upgraded to HTTP 1.1 in 1995.  The modifications made were additional caching and augmented control over how connection should be reused. However, the bottom line is that it's still text-based and human-readable.

What's New with HTTP 2

What's good about HTTP 2 is that it ended the problem of headline blocking in the older version of HTTP. HTTP had an issue by design as far as its connection is concerned. When a request is sent, one has to really wait for a response coming from the server. You spend 150-200 milliseconds waiting, with its speed dependent on the connection and geographical distance from the server. HTTP 2  doesn't make you feel the limit of 6 connections in writing websites. All these responses and requests basically share with one single connection. As soon as one request is sent, another one can take over the connection and continue the process, giving you 30% speed increase in terms of loading time.

Splitting Better than Bundling

Compressing everything in one big bundle is definitely an anti-pattern. It's literally big in which it amounts to 500-600k on an average website. A single update on the website will completely invalidate that big bundle, making you redownload the bundle. However, when all your files are split, you only have to take care of that one file that changed. Download and listen to HTTP 2 with Surma. Connect with Surma on Twitter. He would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him you heard him on Devchat.tv.


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