JSJ 245 Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber

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Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber

Welcome to another episode of Javascript Jabber with your hosts Charles Max Wood and Aimee Knight. Today Aimee and Chuck welcome Maximillian "Max" Stoiber to the show. Max hails from Austria and is an expert in open source development at Think Mill.

Max the Intern

Max had taken an intership in London to learn front end development. He had some rudimentary knowledge about html and css and he built tiny websites for his family. Through his intership he learned html, css, javascript and jquery through some real projects.

What's His Reaction?

After 2 months of his 3 month intership Max had the basics down. For the last month he focused on React. Max then taught the company the basics of React. He was partnered with some of the engineers and built two projects. To eliminate the redundancy of the folders he created on both he copied and pushed out to GitHub.

Making React Easy For Himself

That was the start of React-Boilerplate. Max was trying to simplify the processes he did on every project with a boilerplate of redundant files. By the end of 2016, it had about 50-60 stars on GitHub. Then on December 27, 2016 Max was skiing in the mountains and happened to look at his GitHub notifications. Overnight, React-Boilerplate had gone from 50 stars to 500 stars. To hear the rest of Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber , download and listen to he entire episode. If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber: Who is Max Stoiber? (:29) What is React-Boilerplate? (2:04) The most difficult part of Boilerplate? (8:02) How does he come up with new tools? (21:32) What is a huge barrier of entry? (33:03) Style sheet issues? (39:42) Thanks for listening to this weeks' episode of Javascript Jabber _Styled Components and React-Boilerplate with Max Stoiber. _Have something to share or a question, feel free to leave a comment below! This week's Javascript Jabber picks: Aimee: Professor BeekumsMax Stoiber: Lessons Learned, Max's Blog, Kyle Mitchell on Twitter


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