JSJ 247 Building a Development Environment with Cory House

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Building a Development Environment with Cory House

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood, AJ O'neal, Joe Eames, and Aimee Knight discuss Building a Development Environment with Cory House. Pluralsight recently added a course on this. Tune in to know more!

The Rationale Behind

The course on Building a Development Environment was created to help developers make their lives easier and to enforce quality in their JavaScript code base. It offers the idea of going through a methodical process so as not to miss important opportunities. In 2016, a lot of people created their own boiler plates, starter kits, and JavaScript development environment. Everything boils down to the notion that getting started is really overwhelming considering that there are lots of decisions to make. The number of decisions to be made is so significant that it is unrealistic for any professional to absorb.

Preparing for the Course

After Cory realized that there were more potential decisions to be made than what he recognized, he took time identifying them out. He went through the previous projects that he had and listed what pieces were in there. He did automated testing, linting, bundling, and minifying the code. Knowing that the number of decisions is huge, he came up with 40 decisions that he deemed to be key for building a Java Script environment. He said that the best majority would likely agree with what's on the list but would never want to sit down writing a line of code and asking themselves with those questions.

Designed for Starters

The course is created to help beginner developers because it covers interesting ways in building a foundation in testing.  It is designed in a way that it would bring awareness that there are options to choose from. Students will be introduced to a variety of ways on how to handle package managers, bundling, or minification. To hear the rest of Building a Development Environment with Cory House, download and listen to the entire episode. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Building a Development with Cory House: The rationale behind the course? (1:52) How Cory worked on the course? (5:32) Target level of the course? (08:07) Thoughts to consider when making decisions? (16:41) How to find good balance points for keeping an existing project's tools? (43:19) Things that surprised Cory in putting this course together? (48:32) Thanks for listening to this weeks’ episode of Javascript Jabber Building a Development Environment with Cory House__. You surely do have something to share ask. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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