JSJ 248 Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh

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Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh

On today's episode, Charles Max Wood, Joe Eames, and Tracy Lee discuss Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh.  Ben works at Netflix and also has a side job for Rx Workshop with Tracy. He is the lead author of RxJS 5. Tune in to learn more about RxJS!

What is RxJS and Rx Workshop?

In contrast to a Promise, RxJS as an Observable can have more than one notification. When people talk about Reactive Programming, basically they're talking about RxJS in the context of JavaScript. RxJS has been adopted by Angular and its latest incarnation. Ben designed the Rx Workshop to help people think and program reactively. It also teaches them how to use Observables and the operators that are included in RxJS.

Functional and Reactive Programming

Functional-reactive programming is a term coined by Conal Elliot. It covers the ideas of time and timing of events. It is slightly different from what you see with RxJS. Many people would call RxJS a functional-reactive programming, pointing out to the same thing. Functional and reactive programming are both involved in data transformation of that which arrives for your events reactively. Both are also functional. One has more definitions around timing and the white papers or on whatever they were previously written.

What does RxJS do?

RxJS has a lot of operators off the Observable type. An Observable is just a function that takes an Observer, which has three different methods. You can think of it as three different callbacks which are next, air, and complete. These enable you to have an Observable that allows you to treat events by set. To hear the rest of Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh, download and listen to the entire episode. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh: What is RxJS and Rx Workshop? (1:52) What is Reactive Programming? (3:08) Difference between functional and reactive programming? (04:38) What does RxJS do for you? (06:26) Are Promises now dead? (16:45) Create own operators for Observables? (34:45) Similarities and difference between Redox and RxJS? (50:12) Thanks for listening to Reactive Programming and RxJS with Ben Lesh__. If you have questions, just follow and tweet Ben on Twitter @benlesh. He would surely love to hear from you!


Joe: Wassim Chegham, NG 2 fundamentals course Charles: Shure SM58 Microphone, Xenyx 802 mixer, and JS Remote Conference 2017Tracy: Food CSS and ng cruiseBen: RxJS Workshop, Github TC 39, and Redox Observable


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