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JavaScript Jabber turns 5! On today's episode, Charles Max Wood, AJ ONeil, and Aimee Knight travel down memory lane to reminisce the highlights of the show. Tune in and enjoy the celebration!

JavaScript Jabber Panelists

JavaScript Jabber has had a number of panelists. Among them are Joe Eames, Yehuda Katz, and Addy Osmani. All of them seasoned the show with fun and information. Joe Eames in particular joined JSJ as guest in episodes 9 and 12. He eventually became a regular panelist. Charles is currently looking to add two or more panelists.

Favorite Moments in JavaScript Jabber

Aimee really enjoyed every time AJ called while water was running from his shower. For AJ, he loved it every time there was a heated debate. He enjoyed listening to passionate people. Charles favorites were the stories behind things. One example was when Brendan Eich shared where JavaScript. The episode ran for 2 hours, but nobody wanted to leave.

My JS Story 

At present, JSJ runs a series of My JavaScript Story. It seeks to highlight the stories of how things cam about, and the people behind the codes. For many years, JSJ hash had people talk about technology and codes. One example is Isaac Schluter, who wrote NPM. In his My JS Story, he shared how he came to develop it and issues they faced. Celebrate with JavaScript Jabber! Download and listen to the 250th episode, Celebration. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Celebration: JavaScript Jabber panelists? (0:47) Favorite moments in JavaScript Jabber? (5:46) My JS Story? (7:46) Panelist contributions and benefits? (14:00) A popular podcast? (25:12) How JSJ panelists are chosen? (34:51) Update from AJ, Aimee, and Charles? (37:46) Ideas for future JSJ episodes? (55:11)


Aimee: CodeStock conference at Tennessee, Taycho AJ: Real Love by Greg Baer, Disarming the Narcissist book Charles: Newbie Remote Conf (July), Angular Remote Conf (August), React Remote Conf (October), JS Remote Conf, 17 Hats


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