JSJ 281: CodeSponsor - Sustaining Open-Source Software through Ethical Advertising with Eric Berry

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Panel:  Amie AJ Charles Max Wood Guest: Eric Berry This week on Ruby Rogues, we interview our very own, Eric Berry, to talk about the sustainability of open-source projects through ethical advertising. The team talks about once open source projects like PhantomJS, Cancan, and many others. The Rogues dive into the many different scenarios that lead open source projects astray. Problems like working on the project without compensation, be overworked, and no interest are many of the reasons these are not sustained in the long run. However, are there solutions like donations or sponsorship to sustain such projects? And how do we go about finding funding or compensation for these open source projects? Eric describes that advertising tactics and strategies for open source. Eric talks about his work with Code Sponsor and how they support the open source community with funding. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Ruby Rogues talk about burnout on projects
  • Working on projects for free and the project falls apart
  • Solutions behind the more popular projects like Ruby on Rails and NPM.
  • Lemonade Stand - Sustaining and bounty sourced projects
  • Sponsorship or company supported projects.
  • Crowdfunding - not sustainable, but helps.
  • Donation buttons, do they work?
  • Who would pay developers for this?
  • Developers taking care of other developers
  • Advertising, and helping pay for projects to stay alive!
  • Help developers stay funded without a spam haven.
  • and much, much more! Links:  CancanPhantomJSCode SponsorTimber RollbarCoreLogicTrackJS CircleCICodeConf.  Picks Amie
  • Positive Experience for Women in Tech
  • Hand Written Cards Charles
  • Keto Diet - Fat Head
  • Ruby Dev. Summit AJ
  • Real Love by Greg Baer Eric Nate Hopkins Open Collective CarbonAds.Etc.


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