JSJ 287: Blockchain and JS with Ari Lerner

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Panel: Aimee Knight AJ O’Neal Charles Max Wood Special Guests:  Ari Lerner In this episode, Java Script Jabbers speak with Ari Lerner. Ari is the author of NG Book: The Complete Book on AugularJS, Full Stack React,  and a few others.  Ari co-runs newline.co a platform that teaches about the Block Chain, Ethereum, New Contracts, etc. Ari mentions a few upcoming books on Machine Learning, Elixir, and react Native. Ari gives a rundown on what the Block Chain is about, and an explanation of a Hash. Ari explains the value of a Hash and 6-bit strings of a Hash. Also, Ari explains the exchange of currency in Bitcoin and the rate of exchange in the Block Chain. Next Ari covers web 3.0 and much more. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is the Block Chain?
  • A Hash?
  • The blockchain is an order of ledger.
  • The blockchain is a  list of transactions
  • How is a Hash used?
  • Sha 256
  • Bitcoin and Block Chains
  • What If two machines get the same answer?
  • Describe a transaction in a blockchain?
  • Exchanging currency
  • The cost of Bitcoin
  • Web 3.0
  • Everything on the Block Chain is public!
  • Where else is Block Chain is used besides bitcoin type currency
  • Public Key.
  • What should JS developer be doing to prepare?
  • And much more! Links:
  • ng-book
  • Newline.co
  • The History of Money
  • @Auser
  • Stack.io Picks: Amiee
  • Article -  Learn Block Chain by Building One
  • The Source Bar Charles
  • Microsoft Connect - Meet up at 7pm
  • Stranger Thing Season 2 AJ
  • Spice Labels and Spice Jars
  • Marriage Ari
  • Moving to NYC
  • Learn Block Chain by Building One


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