JSJ 288: TypeScript with Amanda Silver

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Charles Max Wood Special Guests:  Amanda Silver In this episode, Charles is at Microsoft Connect 2017 in NYC. Charles speaks with Amanda Silver. Amanda is deemed the  TypeScript and future of JavaScript guru, and this year's speakers at Microsoft Connect with Visual Studio Live Share. Amanda shares what is new with TypeScript and how that is a kind of subscript to JavaScript. Amanda explains the big picture of TypeScript’s inception and where she believes the language will be most efficient and effective for JavaScript and TypeScript developers. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is new in TypeScript?
  • Keep JavaScript and TypeScript aligned
  • TypeScript is implemented to create larger scaled applications
  • Integration with VS Code, etc.
  • Building better tools for JavaScript Developers
  • When would this be taken on by users
  • Defaults in Visual Studio
  • TypeScript replacing JavaScript type service
  • TypeScript is written in TypeScript
  • Chakra runtime
  • Diaspora
  • The different faces of JavaScript
  • Optimized JavaScript runtime
  • Languages should be created with tooling
  • A satisfying tooling experience
  • Foot Guns
  • New Tokens
  • Eco-systems and metadata
  • Multi-phase
  • Minimum common denominator constantly changing
  • Collaborating on the same code
  • Open Source and the impact
  • How to move to open source
  • Contributing
  • The next thing for TypeScript
  • The future of JavaScript
  • And much more! Links:
  • @amandaksilver

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