JSJ 291: Serverless For JavaScript with Gareth McCumskey



    Charles Max Wood

    Aimee Knight

    AJ O’Neal

    Joe Eames

    Special Guests: Gareth McCumskey

    In this episode, JavaScript Jabber speaks with Gareth McCumskey about Serverless For JavaScript. Gareth leads the dev team at Expat Explore in Cape Town, South Africa. Gareth and this team specialize in exploring the Serverless realm in JavaScript. The JavaScript Jabbers panel and Gareth discuss the many different types of serverless systems, and when to implement them, how serverless system work, and when to go in the direction of using Serverless.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • What does it mean to be Serverless?
    • Since platform as a service.
    • Microservice on Docker
    • Firebase
    • “no backend”
    • Backend systems
    • Cloud functions and failure in systems
    • How do you start to think about a serverless system?
    • How do decide what to do?
    • AWS Lambda
    • Working in a different vendor
    • Node 4
    • Programming JS to deploy
    • Using libraries for NPM
    • How is works with AWS Lambda
    • Where is the database?
    • More point of failure?
    • Calls to Slack?
    • Authentication
    • Micro Services
    • Elastic Bean Stalk
    • Static Assets, S3, Managing
    • Testing the services
    • Integration testing
    • And much more!