JSJ 292: CosmosDB with Kirill Gavrylyuk

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Panel:  Charles Max Wood Special Guests: Kirill Gavrylyuk In this episode, JavaScript Jabber speaks with Kirill Gavrylyuk. Kirill is a dev manager at Cosmos DB, and works professionally with Azure CosmosDB. Kirill is on JavaScript Jabber to talk about what CosmosDB is in the world of development technology. Chuck and Kirill discuss the nuances of this database technology, how it is implemented, and how to manage and migrate data, among other great features. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • What is Cosmos DB?
  • Bring your data anywhere your users are
  • It is a website
  • Multimodel database
  • Works withMongodb 
  • Cassandra
  • Started as database DB
  • Throughput
  • Key data pairs
  • Switching from MongoDB to Azure
  • How do you decide what goes into this? It looks like an everything database.
  • Migration path
  • Uses cases, problems solved
  • Supporting APIs
  • Does it only exist in the Cloud? An emulator is available.
  • Subscription info.
  • And much more! Links:
  • @kirillg-msft
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirillgavrylyuk Picks: Kirill
  • Shared Debugging with VS Code - Keynote Charles
  • USB Powered Monitor on Amazon 



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