JSJ 300: Celebration



    • Charles Max Wood
    • Aimee Knight
    • Cory House
    • AJ O'Neal
    • Joe Eames

    In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists speak on where they are what they are up to today. Aimee is still in Nashville, Tennessee, and it is currently working at

    Built Technologies and is working with JavaScript. Cory is still authoring courses for Pluralsite, has more recently been doing consulting with React, and is the principal engineer at Cox Automotive. Joe is doing a lot of Pluralsight work, puts together conferences, and is working on a new podcast with Charles. AJ recently did some side work with Dash, is interested in working on a new domain service, and recently got married. Charles is currently at ngATL conference, and has been attending a lot of conferences recently. He is also starting to head over to the video realm and is creating a new podcast called React Roundup and a Vue Podcast with Joe. They also talk about what they each have planned in the upcoming year for their careers and their lives.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Built Technologies
    • JavaScript
    • Front End and Full Stack
    • Pluralsight
    • React consulting
    • Cox Automotive
    • Front end apps
    • Vue and React podcast
    • Angular JS to Angular
    • Pluralsight courses
    • Big Picture React courses
    • Fork of Bitcoin called Dash
    • New domain service
    • ngATL
    • React Roundup Podcast
    • New podcasts on artificial intelligence, IOT, augmented and virtual reality game development, python
    • Node, JavaScript, and Rust
    • And much, much more!