JSJ 303: Test Coverage Tools with Ben Coe, Aaron Abramov, and Issac Schleuter

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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Aimee Knight
  • Cory House
  • AJ O'Neal Special Guests: Ben Coe, Aaron Abramov, and Issac Schleuter In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists talk with Ben Coe, Aaron Abramov, and Issac Schleuter about test coverage and testing tools. They talk about the different tools and libraries that they have contributed to the coding community, such as NYC, conf, and Jest. They also discuss what test coverage is actually about and when using test coverage tools is necessary. In particular, we dive pretty deep on:
  • What have you contributed to the testing tools community?
  • npm
  • NYC tool and istanbul project
  • conf
  • Jest
  • These libraries were developed to be easy and have “batteries included”
  • False positives with test coverage
  • Encourage testing practices that don’t practice in a superficial way
  • Test coverage is about making sure you test every state a public API can get into
  • Think through the test you’re writing first
  • Barriers against testing
  • Don’t spike the code too quickly
  • Provides guardrails for newer developers to contribute to open source projects
  • Use tests to understand the system
  • How to spend your time better
  • When you need tests
  • Value is very short term
  • TDD
  • And much, much more! Links:
  • @BenjaminCoe
  • @AaronAbramov_
  • Issac’s GitHub Picks: Charles
  • React Roundup
  • Views on Vue
  • Adventures in Angular
  • React Dev Summit 2018 Aimee
  • Galentine’s Day
  • Dnote CLI AJ
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson Cory
  • We are hive project guidelines
  • Tip: You can install node as a dependency on your project Ben
  • Hack Illinois 2018
  • C8 Aaron
  • Reason Issac
  • The Tap 100
  • Krypton App
  • Friendly Fire Podcasts


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