• Charles Max Wood
  • Cory House
  • AJ O’Neal
  • Aimee Knight

Special Guests: Greg Kushto

In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panelists discuss thwarting insider threats with Greg Kushto. Greg is the vice president of sales engineering for Force 3 and has been focused on computer security for the last 25 years. They discuss what insider threats are, what the term includes, and give examples of what insider threats look like. They also touch on some overarching principles that companies can use to help prevent insider threats from occurring.

In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

  • Greg intro
  • Insider threats are a passion of his
  • Most computer attacks come from the inside of the company
  • Insider threats have changed over time
  • What does the term “insider threats” include?
  • Using data in an irresponsible manner
  • Who’s fault is it?
  • Blame the company or blame the employee?
  • Need to understand that insider threats don’t always happen on purpose
  • How to prevent insider threats
  • Very broad term
  • Are there some general principles to implement?
  • Figure out what exactly you are doing and documenting it
  • Documentations doesn’t have to be a punishment
  • Know what data you have and what you need to do to protect it
  • How easy it is to get hacked
  • Practical things to keep people from clicking on curious links
  • The need to change the game
  • Fighting insider threats isn’t fun, but it is necessary
  • And much, much more!





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