JSJ 326: Conversation with Ember co-creator Tom Dale on Ember 3.0 and the future of Ember



    • Joe Eames
    • Aimee Knight
    • AJ ONeal

    Special Guests: Tom Dale

    In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panel talks to Tom Dale about Ember 3.0 and the future of Ember. Tom is the co-creator of Ember and is a principle staff engineer at LinkedIn where he works on a team called Presentation Infrastructure. They talk about being in the customer service role, having a collaborative culture, and all the information on Ember 3.0. They also touch on the tendency towards disposable software, the Ember model, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • How Joe met Tom
    • Programmers as rule breakers
    • The pressure to conform
    • Tom intro
    • Staff engineer at LinkedIn
    • Customer service role
    • Having a way to role improvements out to a lot of different people
    • JavaScript and Ember at LinkedIn
    • Having a collaborative culture
    • All about Ember 3.0
    • Banner feature – there is nothing new
    • Cracked how you develop software in the open source world that has longevity
    • Major competition in Backbone previously
    • The Ember community has never been more vibrant
    • Tendency towards disposable software
    • The idea of steady iteration towards improvement
    • The Ember model
    • Being different from different frameworks
    • Ember adoption rates
    • Python 3
    • Valuable from a business perspective to use Ember
    • Ember community being friendly to newbies
    • How much Ember VS how much JavaScript will a new developer have to learn?
    • And much, much more!







    • James Veitch