JSJ 327: “Greenlock.js for Let’s Encrypt v2” with AJ O’Neal



    • Charles Max Wood
    • Joe Eames

    Special Guests: AJ O'Neal

    In this episode, the JavaScript Jabber panel talks to AJ O'Neal about Greenlock and LetsEncrypt. LetsEncrypt is a brand name and is the first of its kind in automated SSL and Greenlock does what Certbot does in a more simplified form. They talk about what led him to create Greenlock, compare Greenlock to Certbot, and what it’s like to use Greenlock. They also touch on Greenlock-express, how they make Greenlock better, and more!

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    • Greenlock and LetsEncrypt overview
    • LetsEncrypt is free to get your certificate
    • Why Charles uses LetsEncrypt
    • Wildcard domains
    • Certbot
    • Why he originally created Greenlock
    • Working towards home servers
    • Wanted to get HTTP on small devices
    • Manages a certificate directory
    • Greenlock VS Certbot
    • Greenlock can work stand alone
    • The best use case for Greenlock
    • Excited about how people are using his tool
    • What is it like to use Greenlock?
    • Working on a desktop client
    • Greenlock-express
    • Acme servers
    • CAA record
    • Making Greenlock better by knowing how people are using it
    • Using Greenlock-express
    • Let's Encrypt v2 Step by Step by AJ
    • And much, much more!





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