JSJ 455: Introducing and Understanding Svelte and Sapper with Mark Volkmann

This week the panel is joined by Mark Volkmann to discuss Svelte and how it compares and differs from front-end frameworks such as React and Angular. Mark has written a book and has given talks about Svelte and also about Sapper, an application framework built on top of Svelte. He explains to the panel how Svelte components are defined differently than other JavaScript frameworks, and how they are actually compiled into the production code, which isn't dependent on any external libraries. He also explains why and how Svelte forgoes the use of a virtual DOM, using direct DOM manipulations instead. Finally he describes Sapper and explains how it can be used to quickly and easily create Web-apps that use SSR, static pages generation and dynamic routing.



  • Aimee Knight
  • Dan Shappir
  • Steve Edwards

Special Guest

  • Mark Volkmann






Mark Volkmann

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