JSJ Special Episode: Azure with Jonathan Carter


    JSJ Special Episode: Azure with Jonathan Carter

    On today's episode, Aimee Knight, AJ O'Neal, Cory House, Joe Eames, and Charles Max Wood discuss Azure with Jonathan Carter. Jonathan has been working at Microsoft for 10 years. He currently focuses on Node.js and Azure. Tune in to learn how you can use Azure in building applications and services.

    Intro to Microsoft Azure

    Azure is a cloud computing service that you can use to build apps and services. As a cloud service, experience and evaluation are simplified for developers. They have much control and flexibility.

    Azure also has an elastic infrastructure. Developers can start small without having to use much resources. This makes it financially beneficial and great for startups.

    On for Productivity

    There are lots of models for the different levels of complexity of apps. With them comes a variety of solutions.

    “Because you have that flexibility, you also have some additional complexities.” -Jonathan Carter

    Just as Jonathan said, the flexibility that Azure provides may entail additional things to do. Other types of compute try to simplify the experience. The apps service in Azure seeks to help developers become more productive as possible.

    Containers in Cloud

    Containers enable efficiency and agility in cloud computing. They are typically much smaller than VMs, and deploy quicker.

    With them, developers can use less resources and pack more in the same infrastructure. Containers provide almost the same virtualization with VMs but in a more efficient way.

    To learn more about JSJ Special Episode: Azure with Jonathan Carter, download and listen to the entire episodeStay in touch with Jonathan by tweeting him @LostInTangent or by sending him a message at johncart@microsoft.com. He would love to hear from you!

    If you're short on time, here are the highlights of JSJ Special Episode: Azure with Jonathan Carter:

    What is cloud? (2:05)

    On for productivity? (4:27)

    Advantages in using Azure? (9:19)

    How is Azure organized? (15:06)

    Picking a way to build app? (23:21)

    MEAN stack on Azure and Document DB? (26:31)

    Node on Azure? (32:46)

    Visual Studio code updates? (40:56)


    AJ: The Script band, Real Love book

    Joe: The Koi Boys band, NES classic

    Cory:  Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

    Aimee: GitHub tips on working remotely, The Sacred Search book

    Charles: Angular Remote Conf, Deep Work by Cal Newport

    Jonathan: Spotify's The Most Beautiful Songs in the World playlist, Final Fantasy 15


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