JSJ 263 Moving from Node.js to .NET and Raygun.io with John-Daniel Trask

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Moving from Node.js to .NET and Raygun.io with John-Daniel Trask

This episode features  Moving from Node.js to .NET and Raygun.io with John-Daniel Trask. John-Daniel is the Co-founder and CEO of Raygun, a software intelligence platform for web and mobile. He's been programming for many years, and is originally from New Zealand. Tune in and learn what prompted them to move to the .NET framework!

Working with Node.js

Raygun is a software platform that uses a variety of programming languages. Their core competency the time they started was writing code with C#. And, maintenance was a nightmare then. Consequently, they looked at the different sides of the issue. That's when they saw Node.js offered a nice model for short load transaction.

A Great Win with .NET

Time passed, and they started looking at the .NET core. Their Board Chair looked for small projects, and built a close just out of personal preference. The result was a great win for them. They found that .NET was using a lot less time. From 1,000 per second, they ended up with 20,000 per second. They particularly liked the asynchronous hand-off to cue in servers.

A Brief Look Back

Raygun's concurrency model was something to consider the time they were just starting. John-Daniel faced the options of doing the code himself and figuring out a way to work around it. That led them to Node.js which had a better offer. Download and listen to Moving from Node.js to .NET and Raygun.io with John-Daniel-Trask. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!


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Connect with John-Daniel on Twitter @traskjdVisit their website at Raygun.io


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