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Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools with Jason Laster

Join AJ, Aimee, and Joe as they discuss  Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools with Jason Laster. Jason just started working at Mozilla since March. But even before that, he has been working on Chrome's dev tool extension called Marionette. That's when he discovered that the browser is an open source that anyone can play with. Now, he is working on a new debugger in Firefox. Tune in!

Rebuilding Firefox User Interface

It all started with the idea of rebuilding the entire UI of Firefox. They thought it was basically about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But with Firefox, it's a combination of HTML and JavaScript. This better known as XUL. But it no longer runs very well; it's slow and difficult to debug. So, they decided to rewrite everything from scratch.

Working with React

They debated whether they should a framework or just make the most out of the web platform. They can add better tools to the platform if they want to. But, React was the closest choice to the components they had. It's just what they needed, so they used it for the project.

A Challenge Accepted

XUL's components are similar to HTML. But when they started debugging, they found that all the click and event handlers were JavaScript embedded inside of HTML. It was really challenging. Jason was lucky enough to join Mozilla. They had to to start from scratch. But thankfully they had with them the fantastic engineer James Long, who helped make things easy especially to Jason. Download and listen to Mozilla Firefox Developer Tools with Jason Laster. Don't forget to leave a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We would love to hear from you!


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