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    My JS Story Adam Baldwin

    On this week's episode of My JS Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Adam Baldwin. Adam is the team lead at Lift Security, and is the founder and organizer of the Node Security Project (NSP). He appeared on episode 89, and talked about NSP in 2013. Learn more about what he's passionate about and how his life navigated towards programming. Tune in!

    Saying Hello to Programming

    It was at the age of 8 when Adam welcomed programming into his life. Having had the 286 computer, he played around with the fundamentals and learned things on his own. He modified the existing program by changing the simple algorithm, doing simple equations, and the like.

    Entering the JavaScript World

    After he graduated in 1997, he started dabbling with JavaScript. He had a mentorship when he was 15 after he got in trouble with their school's bulletin board system. He was guided through visual basic and reverse engineering.

    By getting into web stuff in the late 90s, it was how he hopped into JavaScript. He really didn't do much with JavaScript but was rather more into PEARL. What pulled him back into JS and Node was when he had to figure out what the service area was and how to secure the applications.

    Context Switching

    What he enjoyed about JavaScript is the lack of context switching between the front-end and the back-end. Back then, they used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front-end and PHP on the back-end. The switching process between the two is painful.

    He doesn't write a lot of code. Adam and his team read and dissect code, which is completely a different experience from writing. This is viewed in another perspective because not all the code he writes is in production.

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    Adam: Let's Encrypt and NPM, Inc.

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