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    My JS Story Max Stoiber

    Welcome to the 12th My JS Story! Today, Charles Max Wood welcomes Max Stoiber. Max is a frontend JavaScript Developer from Vienna, Austria and currently works as an open source developer for Thinkmill, a company based in Sydney, Austria. Tune in to My JS Story Max Stoiber to learn more how he learned to program and discover what he enjoys doing!

    “Everybody, if you build things for the web, you have things to say.” – Max Stoiber

    Entrance to the Programming World

    He started programming because of playing Minecraft in school. He wanted to run his own server for himself and his friends. Because he already had a server, he thought he should also put up a website so others could find his Minecraft server and play with him and his friends. He created a horrible HTML, which led him to quit really quick.

    In school, they were required to create a personal website for themselves inside the school website. They learned HTML from a teacher and created something together. He enjoyed spending weeks in tweaking its content. He also took some classes in school, such as Shell programming and Intro to Java.

    Fiddling from HTML to JavaScript

    Shortly after he finished high school, he studied Computer Science at a university in Vienna to become a programmer. Alongside with his studies, he put up basic websites for his mother and some family friends.

    Three months after studying the Computer Science, he gave up. He had courses which didn't have something to do with frontend development.

    Thankfully, he got an internship in Animade, a company in London, where half of the company were animators and the other was a digital agency.

    He spent three months in London as a frontend developer and learned more about HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript. Two months after, his mentors there invited him to join them in a project called React JS. That experience was what really got him into JavaScript.

    Importance of Being Mentored

    The good thing about the web is that you get a wide scope of sources where you can learn things on your own. However, a certain amount of professionality and intimate knowledge of assessing the entire big picture would be missing when you're learning alone. You lose tiny details when you don't work with people that would teach you important things.

    Max had a good mentorship under Nik Graf, one of the original organizers React Vienna Meet-up. Nik encouraged him to apply and speak at conferences.

    Last year, he spoke at 16 conferences in front of thousands of people. Max gives credit to Nik for pushing him to something he thought impossible of doing.

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