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    My JS Story Richard Feldman

    Welcome to the 9th My JS Story! Today, Charles Max Wood welcomes Richard Feldman. Richard works at No Red Ink, and he is the author of Elm in Action. He was in JavaScript Jabber and talked about Elm with Evan Czlapicki in episode 175 and covered the same topic alone in episode 229 . Stay tuned to My JS Story Richard Feldman to learn more how he started in programming and what he's up to now.

    Embarking into Programming

    When he was around 8 or 9 years old, Richard always wanted to create games. He kept bothering his dad to enroll him in classes that would teach him to create computer games, but he would always get declined. Later his dad bought him a book titled Learn Basic Now which he didn't initially read.

    Soon he got grounded from using the computer, but he managed to convince his dad not to because of the book. Since then he started to read the book his dad bought him and learned how to program. He fell in love with programming and felt doing it to be really rewarding throughout the years.

    His Journey to Elm

    The road to Elm covers 20 years of his life. When he started with Elm, he thought that he'd become a professional game programmer. The idea of becoming a web developer didn't cross his mind since that wasn't a career back then.

    Starting with Basic, he went through Java and C ++ among others. He got into JavaScript when he took it as an extension course at UCLA. He didn't pay too much attention to lectures since he already knew the languages taught. At the end of the course, he was the only one who aced the exam.

    To hear the rest of My JS Story Richard Feldman, download and listen to the entire episode.

    Establish Connections

    Richard surely wants to hear from you! Connect with him on Twitter @rtfeldman, Github, and tech.noredink.com. Don’t forget to let Richard know you heard about him on Devchat.tv’s JavaScript Jabber My JS Story podcast!

    Check out Richard's open source libraries:

    If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of My JS Story Richard Feldman:

    Embarking into programming? (2:08)

    The journey from Basic to Elm? (8:27)

    Why not with Clojure script? ( 21:25)

    Difference of language between Elm and JavaScript? (36:37)

    If Elm didn't exist? (38:27)


    Richard: Elm in Action, Frontend Masters, and Nicole Clark's Pragmatic Studio

    Charles: Electro Voice RE 20, jsremoteconf.com, and autonomous.ai.

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