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Practical JavaScript with Gordon Zhu

On today's episode, Charles, Joe, and Cory discuss Practical JavaScript with Gordon Zhu. Gordon is the founder of Watch and Code, and teaches the Practical JavaScript online course. His mission is to help beginners become developers through tutorials. Tune in!

Learning the Essential

Gordon saw how a lot of people value things that he didn't find as useful. While they may want to learn about being concise, writing eloquent code and the like, they aren't the most important things for beginners to learn. He wanted to guide them on how things are to be used in real programming.

“When you learn something, it's not taught in isolation. It's taught exactly when you need to use it.” -Gordon Zhu

There are lessons that are not so meaningful, and are therefore easy to forget. From that, he saw the need for learners to have a sense on how to use it. That will motivate them, and help them understand and learn better.

Focus on the Practical

A lot of topics can generate a lot of blog posts. But when building an app, they are not really that useful. One example is when you start learning, you don't need to construct functions. You just need to use object literal notation. There is a need to focus on what's practical.

How Students Learn

Gordon allows his students to learn incrementally. He usually starts be giving them rephrased requirements. They teach them to build from the little things they know for them to understand what to do next. Download and listen to Practical JavaScript with Gordon Zhu. Connect with Gordon on Twitter @gordon_zhu. He would surely love to hear from you! Don't forget to tell him you heard him on Devchat.tv.


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