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    My JS Story Rebecca Turner

    Welcome to the 13th My JS Story! Today, Charles Max Wood welcomes Rebecca Turner. Rebecca is a CLI programmer at npm, Inc. She has been in the show around two to three years ago in episode 174 and talked about npm 3. Tune in to My JS Story Rebecca Turner to learn more how she got into programming and what she is up to these days!

    The Genesis of Programming Journey

    Her journey to programming started when she was twelve. Her parents enrolled her in a typing class because she was very slow in writing to the extent that it affected her English classes. Her dad borrowed an Apple 2 and taught her with Apple basic book. That navigated her towards programming.

    Initially, he did not see himself in the career as having a creative roadblock was daunting for him. When he reached high school, he got into an internship at a local software consulting company. That's where she officially began with programming as a career.

    Early Programming Days

    She didn't kick off with JavaScript. Her first job was writing DOS applications where she used Clipper as the language. It was based on D-base, a DOS database programming environment. She made information systems for chemical dependency clinics.

    The company she worked for was eventually sold, and she was offered to move to Palm Desert but refused. She took some time off from work for a year and learned web programming things by herself. She studied how to do JavaScript, HTML, CGI, Pearl, and she soon got a job in ISP. That's how she first worked on actual web stuff.

    Dealing with Front-end Developers

    Years ago everyone was full-stack developers, and JavaScript was the only mode of development that time. At work, they had graphic designers that worked for them who had no idea about HTML because the only thing they knew was doing magazine layouts.

    At the first ISP she worked for, the company hired front-end developers who were doing HTML but weren't comfortable using JavaScript yet. To help them, she did that part for those developers, putting environments together to build websites quickly that would integrate workflow.

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    Rebecca: rtf-html library, A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn, and Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen

    Charles: iPad Pro