JSJ 252 The 20th Anniversary of Visual Studio with Bowden Kelly

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The 20th Anniversary of Visual Studio with Bowden Kelly

Javascript Jabber is hosted this week by Joe Eames, Aimee Knight, AJ O'Neal, Cory House, Charles Max Wood and their special guest Bowden Kelly. Bowden is a program manager at Microsoft and he shares some insight into the new software in Visual Studio 2017 RTM with Bowden Kelly. He is currently working on the Typescript language and Javascript dev tools across Visual Studio VS code and other editing environments in preparation for Visual Studio 2017 release coming soon.

 When Should You Use Visual Studio?

VS Code and Visual Studio have a similar javascript editing experience.  The goal with the new software is to make it relatively easy to move between the two without a lot of friction. Some users like lightweight editors such as Sublime and Atom and VS Code will feel better to them. Others like a heavyweight wizard-driven environment like WebStorm or Eclipse and will enjoy Visual Studio more. If you have experience with both, Bowden's typical recommendation in a project-centric environment, with multi projects that are loaded into a solution, Visual Studio is your best bet. It can take care of your projects while going back and forth between C# code or C++ and Javascript. If your project is lightweight front-end web development with some HTML, CSS and Javascript, Bowden recommends using VS Code for all of that.

Biggest Changes

Bowden says if you are familiar with VS Code the new language service that is powered by Typescript. They basically feed all Javascript code through Typescript and types are used from the community through Definitely Typed to provide help when you are writing your code. It feels really nice, especially when you are using popular libraries that won't get perfect intelligence all of the time. But if you work in the mainstream, the 90%, you are going to get a pretty smooth experience in both Visual Script and VS Code. To hear the rest of what Bowden Kelly says about visual, download and listen to _Visual Studio 2017 RTM with Bowden Kelly._If you're short on time, here are the highlights of Visual Studio 2017 RTM with Bowden Kelly:Who is Bowden Kelly? (0:25) When to use VS for Javascript? (2:45) New features for Javascript in the new Visual Studio? (4:19) Features Bowden likes? (15:04) What is the relationship with the angular team? (32:52) What can you expect in future? (42:34) The reality of types in javascript? (45:54)

This Week's Picks

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