JSJ 256 Wordpress and Wordpress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan

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Wordpress and Wordpress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan

On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles, Aimee, Joe, and Cory discuss  Wordpress and Wordpress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan. Roy is a WordPress (WP) developer at Disney Interactive. He has long been a fan of JavaScript and WP. During a WordCamp, the WP Founder announced the need for WP developers to learn JavaScript. But, what's in WP that developers should be interested about? Tune in to learn!

A Simple CMS

WordPress is easy especially for the angular community. According to Roy, developers can just take an API and do whatever they can. The difficulty lies in having WP on the backend, and telling developers that they don't need to build their own CMS.

Changes in Favor of JavaScript

The WP founder's announcement of the need to learn JavaScript brought in changes. It sparked developers to work on the framework immediately aside from other things. At present, the community favors React. This is due to Automattic's release of Calypso, an admin tool that's built on React. Lots of other initiatives are also built on React.

Learning Different Frameworks

As Roy puts it, there's a whole mix of frontend frameworks. But, Angular and React remains the big players in the field. Roy recently made a video course on YouTube regarding the pros and cons of different frameworks. Download and listen to Wordpress and Wordpress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan. Leave us a rating and review if you enjoyed the show. We love hearing from you!


Cory: Prefetch JavaScript plugin, Kansas City Developers' Conference on August 3-4 Aimee: The Mythical 10x Programmer from Hacker News, Quest cereal bar Joe: SaltCon, Terraforming Mars board game Charles: Ruth's Chris ice cream, The Shack Christian film, Kickstarter Roy: NG Conf, CalderaLearn.com, CSS Element Queries

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JSJ256 Wordpress and Wordpress API for Javascript Developers with Roy Sivan


[0:00] Music.[0:05] Hey everybody and welcome back to show 256 of the JavaScript show this we have Corey House everybody.Amy night hello James I'm Charles Max Wood from DevchatTV.I just got out and get the remote conference room see if these are open we also have special guests this week and that is Roy C Vaughn.[0:32] Are we going well do you want to give us a brief introduction yeah my name is Roy.Premier Leah WordPress developer over at Disney Interactive and I've been JavaScript fan for a long time so I've been at the Crux of.Building cool stuff with JavaScript and how that correlates with the WordPress community.[0:57] Very cool like being a big-time fan and doing a big a WordPress developer was there for overlap for you,I will tell you that my first talk on the topic that actually work camp with his like the word press conference here in LA.Back in like 2014 that already been doing it for about a year and I got a crew of people who are interested but a,fucking my quiet room month I open it up for questions cuz no one knew,what I was talking about and I introduce the topic or the concept of headless WordPress which no one seemed to really understand at first.You know the mindset of a typical WordPress developer includes four.From server to tumbling and I said you know you can cut that in half and use something else for tumbling just use the data so,took a while then the founder of Wordpress could have had his mantra.Laughter two years ago where he said you have to learn JavaScript deeply for that kind of the future and says you're to attract people and we will understand what I'm talking about so.It's been cool roller coaster to be on pets Fisher that's really interesting given where WordPress developers come from what it what about the other way how do you get.[2:27] JavaScript developers interested in WordPress all right let's take a break and her little money for the show but talk about hired.com.[2:37] Tired is the world's most intelligent Talent matching platform for fulltime and contract opportunities in engineering development design product management data science sales Market.[2:46] They put you in control fill out an application and then talk employers apply to hire you.[2:52] Dropped the process you're dedicated Talent Advocate will also have your back or writing on by asker coaching help help you put your best foot forward with potential employer.[3:01] And hired offers access to more than 4,000 Innovative employer's including big brand names like Facebook and smaller emerging startups.The size and type of company you want to connect with his totally up to you.And they help people find new opportunities and 17 major cities in North America Europe Asia and Australia so if you're open to relocation you can let him know and they'll work that into.Finally if you use our link you can earn double the normal hiring bonus the normal hiring bonus is a thousand bucks and they give you two thousand step.[3:33] To go check them out of hired.com / JavaScript ever.[3:39] Using given where WordPress developers come from what it what about the other way how do you get JavaScript developers interested in WordPress.With the community it hasn't been too difficult because WordPress being what it is you can say hey,how are your application if it's a Content heavy application with something that so much of the market already knows talking about actual users content editor things like that but then take,just an API and power whatever it is you want with it,show examples of people who do know the staff development bringing in WordPress data into the equation of for the application,total it's just hey.Tuesday song do what you want with it you know they understand a little bit more quickly what that entails.Heart cells usually just you know having WordPress on the back in and telling them they don't have to build out their own CMS every single time.[4:47] I'm kind of curious to the back of a second about what you said because I do know a couple people,Voodoo WordPress and I know for me particularly that's kind of,part of the way I got into programming because I was working on an employer site it wasn't WordPress if it was something called the expression engine but all that to say,why was there a like this cry to learn JavaScript was it just because people were not really like digging in deep enough to that or,spider was so.The community rallied around 8 after one way who's the founder of Wordpress during his State of the State of the WordPress.I'm basically these every year at the biggest word Camp said you know this is kind of a future you should be learning JavaScript.And there's so much you can do with it and people.Kind of abstract Lee took that and ran with it in their own regard so some people jumped on a framework immediately some people jumped into just looking jQuery you know minimum JavaScript.Libraries in just adding telesco to their repertoire towards for client work.And because there's been kind of a shift right so it was coming in general right now favors react because.[6:19] Automatic who's the company, behind WordPress released um Calypso which is a editor kind of the admin tool for WordPress which is built in react,and one of the new initiatives coming out of the word press Corps Community are built and react so it was a big shift I'm so that,hey we're pushing out new code from in automatic the company behind WordPress is pushing out a new JavaScript every code.So everyone is now learning and want to jump on that train.[6:56] Question but yeah that definitely makes sense roulette.I don't know if you want to let go there yet but I guess I will I'm curious I watched a couple of your talk this morning very like I kind of skimmed through them I wasn't able to watch the entire all of them but.You said that you particularly have learned angular and you're learning some react what about like our people using few to or a real I can't say that really.[7:28] Or is it really like across the board before using all different kinds of front-end Frameworks you'll find a whole butt.The big players are still going to be angular and react and actually just did a YouTube video,what's a friend of mine or we go through kind of like a mini course where we dive into each one of the Frameworks and we just talked about like pros and cons and why you might want to use,the critical framework with WordPress and we dive into react angular and view.Catching on pretty quickly because it's replacing the the market of angular 1.[8:13] All right now which is going to sting like a Lunchable cool I used to put regular one and say hey look up coolest says and you'll choose not become too complex for them so he's actually.More simpler for them so I'm more of you as well but I haven't seen them with a really I haven't seen too much of that.I guess II like Amber I should have mentioned that projects or anything like that.You'll find almost any framework plus WordPress in some fashion,for the most part the biggest ones more popular repos the most popular app developers are coming out with angular and or react stuff.Without of you kind of the last of coming in strong right now.[9:12] Hotels Lake Mead kind of answered one of the questions I had written down was just kind of like in 2017 kind of like what is architecture of a WordPress site I don't know if there's more to go into,with that though really depends on the site you want a Bill of Rights so because of work forces,what race is this unique thing where you have the ability to be a very entry level website where you can,pretty quickly and affordably put together a site with a with a pre-built theme on with minimal work have a website up and running,the real reason the rest API is is great is because it brings up the upper tier of development right so when I say hey now you can start building applications are by WordPress that really don't,need WordPress templating so there's two trains there so,typical like um architecture for when press is kind of difficult it really depend on where your application is and what you're actually building.WordPress because of the FBI and being able to do headless stuff I would say word President coming into architecture that.Or into the equation of Architects of that it didn't before so people are considering it for higher skill applications when they didn't think it was a really a feasible option before.[10:46] But you know it's interesting to me that's good,I was just at conferences Salt Lake City same place Angie concert taking place that I was at the same Hotel actually that I mean we're staying at 4 and she calm and.Blue converse a developer Focus web press conference it's 3 days of just development awesome I got to do a six-hour workshop,on angular and using the rest API with a lot of fun and seeing where WordPress is going in the future.From developers who are actually part of the communities work or contributors and people who kind of have the mindset of them know what can we build WordPress to be is really really fascinating so I don't like.Barbie will disregard WordPress or have in the past as being this blog CMS you know One Step Up Above like Wixom Squarespace but because of what's going on right now because of.The API because of JavaScript Frameworks out there it's really taking a turn it's really becoming a bigger player,in the long run I think you know you're seeing developers from other communities come in adult WordPress for a patient because,user interface is already there it's been there for a long time and showing people use another doctor's already how to cure a Cosco at Luke Cox.[12:17] Those really good we got a mix of emo people who.Where you know quickly and over their head and we got a mix of people who were already far too advanced.But there was a good mix of people who were right in The Sweet Spot of a you taught me a bunch today.I'm going to Google some more and learn how to actually use this or find a used case to use it which is what I was actually hoping for so I got a really good amount of feedback from the from the workshop and I.I think right now my,my kind of goal is to do which of the Charles going to ask me before it but I bring other people into the WordPress Community instead of pushing people out of the WordPress Community right,I'm really excited we talking at NG compensate and to show people what can be built over the potential what can be built with something that's already.The big names taken in the internet realm if you will,that's kind of the next my next initiative is to figure out how to show off more more what WordPress can do for people who just want to focus on the JavaScript framework side of things.[13:33] So I think I heard you mention that WordPress API.[13:40] And for a while there was a plug-in and then if I remember correctly it's been moved into the WordPress.So has a 4.7 witches.Pre-release Cycles old now so it's all the introduction of the ISO.To be more specific half of a pig made it into court much earlier,and you could actually build out a custom API from that point but you know that your own plug-in creating your own Route 11 points 4.7 actually saw the introduction of,the default and point so being able to go,out of the box and have a restful API that can grab your poster update post post Data Page data category data basically all the data that you need out of the workforce.427 South instructional brought into it so from you kind of have,out of the box rest API solution for a brand new and old WordPress install on before that,it was that's all the first half installed but you can do the same thing but you have to go without a hole custom so.Jumping off point for people in love you were hesitantly waiting on even jumping into the JavaScript because of it,listen to lies it and learn English.[15:17] What is all there so it's all there and it's it's pretty awesome I said it's it's really again,WordPress in itself and made it a big player in hiring applications.[15:33] Annette's that's a primary way that you're telling people the interface with WordPress from JavaScript correct thing about it being there it's really really Expendable so being with you.Adding your own custom rods and end points or even just modifying the date of the gets returned so return it I'm modifying the Jason return to adding custom data.It's super easy you know a few lines of code and the documentation is already out there few lines of code and you've now have.Customization or you have your own Avi Casino routes and then points to work with.So that's another big plus for someone who wants to learn JavaScript especially if they're coming from WordPress or even just pee.If they haven't picked up laravel or anything like that I just want to play with something restful minimal PHP knowledge gets you at least customizing baby I out of the box and crating your own packages.[16:39] So do you see this is the future of Team development for WordPress or is this just a Nifty way of getting data out of Wordpress it's both I think we're going to see a lot more plug-ins utilizing,the API for data.Output as well as data manipulation on the admin side so a while back I created to boil plates when and get one and react which to the plugin,and said if you didn't want to use the default WordPress admin and you wanted to create your own you can create a single page application that runs on the back in the word press which has better you better you ask,and allows you to maybe even.Because the JavaScript application you can actually bring in other data so if you really want to build out something super custom you not the kind of fall into the default WordPress Adam.Ice cream look and feel and create something really unique on top of that.There's sorry there's kind of this notion that the real like big thing that I'd love to see is a brand new admin,or maybe when I customize admin based on user so I think you're going to see some of that shift first which is kind of the Bay.Big.Plug-in from automatic I love you what you'd like for all of it tomorrow I'm it's moving into react infrastructure for the admin.[18:14] And so we're going to see a lot more of that kind of stuff and then we'll see parts of theme,being dealt with the JavaScript Frameworks Power by the API drawback to that is that WordPress,power Sony SEL credible site that until there's like a.Really solid solution for SEO credibility that can be run out of the box kind of without much overhead or much thought to it I don't know if we're going to see much of Life full scale themes.No doubt that actually rendering utilize.I don't know it's still so new that I don't care what kind of future holds do you want to say that.People are accessing the data and using it as a headless kind of CMS I think that's going to also be.A lot more of that also.[19:15] So I was curious I think was about a year ago maybe longer that WordPress announced that they had Rewritten in react.And I'm just curious how much you're familiar with how that move is worked out.So that was on there talking about wordpress.com.Which is the kind of like page of Reno,Square Face competitor but it's basically you pay them or you got a free website that you go to pay for another domain cash from things like that as far as I can tell people really like me,I don't use wordpress.com all too often I go in there every once in awhile to help a friend out with something they might have,the big push from automatic was Calypso which is an open-source editor,stand-alone editor that's built in react as well as their jetpack plug-in which was the atom it was I think we built in react so,you're liking it and money we brought up in our conversation,my conversation where I can work um all the Frameworks was really good you why to Levi framework,because it follows lot of the kind of methodologies WordPress already has WordPress follows if you're developing for WordPress you're officially with,actions and hooks and filters and while they're not really State driven there still.[20:51] At certain intervals right like you tell it here do that do an action and then you can talk into it elsewhere and say at an action,add to that action I think we are kind of similar right his house and estate events that fire off.Text Jason went to that as well as I think it's just a very good to you I framework.That's why we sing Love adoption of people really know I'm not everyone knows the new stuff is in Riyadh but people do notice the change say they've been liking it so.Help with adoption also,I guess it was interesting I mean backing up a bit you're the first person that I've heard speculate that view was getting a lot of adoption because angular 1,Roper's were moving to view rather than to too and I think that's an interesting idea because I can see how the view is,very approachable but I had assumed that that story that you're telling just as much applied to people moving to react because I very much see you view and react as more,competitors then.I'm done with angular because there's a framework in view as more of the library that's really focused on just the view layer.Yeah I mean I wouldn't say that people are moving from angular one to view more so that people wouldn't think you are now moving into view right so instead of picking up Angela one.[22:29] Because in the end you were two of them out and it's all the more complex there thinking of you instead.And because the learning curve is I think a lot easier for you to get up and running with something vs. angular 2.Way way easier than react Monday we compare a lot is anyone to react,you can't just get up and running super quickly you have to learn,build tools you have to learn usually some other subset of JavaScript for their SpaceX or another type script if you want I really do think you're too way.You for the most part most instances I've seen people using it are still in Audi S5 JavaScript,JavaScript but nothing really too far more advanced than that that's why I think people are catching on to it and.Heavy it's really specific on being a good UI tool and that's why I love you are laughing onto it,I seen implementations of things but I know of a few plugins that are actually not switching up there,admin interface even to do view powered by view over you for real they're choosing View.Is kind of like their reactors are in one ounce of you doesn't have a walk out of the box.So when people are pushing towards it because they don't think they need react or annular to power something that is something pretty small.[24:06] So they're pushing her away and you got you got less but you got enough I guess is what their reasoning is.It's tough I feel like this would be an interesting show I haven't heard heard of.A good conversation lately about feel good I appreciate your input tonight see what your saying about,approachability for somebody new especially with you is quite attractive because you don't need the complexity of the bill to limit required with react or with angular for that matter I mean,if I go back to the my talks from my cousin 13 14 15 even before angular 2 was really even.It wasn't really like it was always kind of that was just going to come out sometime but I'm time soon.I would show people who are just getting to JavaScript or just barely developers they were more designers and consultants in.Or as we call them implementers right they like to implement websites and you are one for.Simple like Loop through a post.Right so true it's important an article HTML with an NG repeat and then I'd show them some,you know somebody for the title and then ng-bind HTML for the Post content and I'm like here this is what you've done in PHP what does no peace. All and that a try to allow people who were.[25:39] Not understanding. Didn't want to get into PHP yet,but they wanted to learn something like fans to help them out with their own career and allow them off from work so anyway one was a really easy way to show people the power of them.Howard HTML well it's a little more complex right there,easy to show them components and modules and stuff and help them understand it usually in the same day,they're seeing it easy right it's it's compelling for them to look at it that way jacket stuff I agree,ask another question I don't know if,you're the best person to speak I will say I have a WordPress blog but I also blog on medium,and I really like blogging on medium for some certain reasons but do you feel like there's certain things today that make WordPress.The preferable blogging engine over some tools like media like medium I should say.Let's pause for a moment to talk about our sponsor Taurus Tauruses a new tool for managing and securing the secret information that allows your app to run.You know the stuff passwords API Keys database credentials all the stuff that gives access to the private stuff that you don't want anybody to touch except for your application in specific ways.[27:19] Force provides a convenient way to store all this information in the cloud and they can't access it because it's encrypted with material dry from your passwords with just never transmitted to their server.So it's secured from them from everybody else but accessible to you this means only the servers development machines and applications you've allowed can access the information so make Secrets management headaches the past and check out today,you can find it. TV / Taurus.[27:47] Devchat . TV / Torus things today that make.WordPress of the preferable blogging engine over some tools like media like medium I should say.There's only no I'm not even sure I'm going to be in the next few people the one thing that I always.I had almost say the answer is the same answer is people compare wordpress.org to Squarespace or wix,Alexis ownership like you have the right to sit all your code so your content you're not putting it somewhere else for someone else to take the rights of.Continent self as well as you have the complete control to display and.Show all content in any manner that you want to you're not,limited by what medium says this is what I want to do this do today and while I love medium to do a lot of the features they have people at work when we have wanted.Doctor me belts versus you know you're kind of stuck with whatever medium wants you to have.Stock quote symbol,the only benefit to medium I would say is if you will just want to write content and put it out there it seems that.[29:18] It's one little bit easier to just get up and running and say Hey I want to just put out content out there too.There's been a little bit more Mischief lately with Elysium or shared posts that are on medium versus let's see someone's personal blog site,which is kind of an interesting shift for me to look at because I'm used to seeing links are I used to be,I used to see a more links for people's direct websites raise my blood post on why I did something and that was great but then now it's big of opinion pieces are coming out on medium and that's what's getting a little more traction.So I don't know where you're getting this because I'm not sure where they're going to be in what's going to happen to your contact so from an ownership point of view.That's is always going to be better off for the here and now I mean if you don't really want to think super long term.And you don't think or you don't mediums going anywhere going anywhere it seems to be much more terrible platform if that makes sense.Yeah think you summed up the merits pretty well and that's where it like me for instance my number one goal is to get a lot of eyeballs on my,my blog posts and I found that they do a better job of that than my personal blog does at least right now and of course is going to be completely subjective depending on how much reach your blog habits to have mine around a few years but I don't.[30:50] Log off in enough to get a lot of the search engine juice so there's this recognition.More if if you really want to make a big impact and get a big reach on a WordPress blog you need to block more often whereas with medium you can block occasionally and you benefit from their sort of built-in community.I'm also extremely constrained by mediums opinions whereas on WordPress sky's the limit on on personalization,yeah I mean getting your site getting your blog site build on WordPress to give you the same Outta reach capable.Medium text upper right side the one factor that's not their medium does have a community so you're kind of already have one kind of love with.Where people can you know you can internally see what other were posting which is great and so that Wordpress doesn't have but from.One of you of you know.My blog is more searchable like is better for a search engines that usually just takes time and effort which I don't want to put into it so I gotta meet him might be the better choice.[32:06] So I kind of want to get back to the API here for a minute it's a rest API.But one thing that I've been wondering about cuz I've been kind of wanting to play with maybe building like a react native app.And have it back onto the WordPress API.If I wanted to do that how do I do things like authentication is it just basic HTTP authentication or is there more to it than that.Come away they're doing it there is Olaf's troupe Eisenhower off plug-in but if you,or less you don't want to go down there which I would not blame you for there's two other ways of doing it right now out of the box there's cookie authentication which requires,basic authentication as well as cookies in ounces which is probably the.[32:59] Most easiest route from indication but also not the most secure so he got up and going that's what I always choose I say I'm just going to some basic authentication if user is logged in,yeah that's how you justify them having access to certain pieces of data just running the latest,new thing that I have yet to really try out Jason tokens there's a plug-in now called igwt.Casino tokens rjw Authentication,which plugs right into your WordPress site simple and from what I've read and what I've seen it seems like a really easy way to really get through some of that Authentication.Issues.Me and write it out there for the whole world so cute animation by default I really want to try this JWT token token.Fire and Ice condom.The middle ground and if you really something more secure and more advanced you go down the walkway with there's a plug-in for and,people seem to be using it so I don't matter that's too difficult but it store cars Owosso gotcha.Yeah I guess that's the other thing is access just access levels in general.[34:35] I'm using a plug-in called member press on Dell TV.Give people access to conferences and things like that and I know that they have an Epi uses the same WordPress API and things like that so,I can actually then just query member press and say do they have access to this thing and then I'll just work.Oh yeah so I'm not so cool thing about the API what you guys talked about earlier in the house and they're not really saying.Plug-in endpoints and routes of just for their own data right so custom data that you can do whatever you want with no press allowed to,to get,data for specific user then you could do pretty much whatever you want with that data and if it shows you if they have access remote access that's one way round of that's one way of doing.[35:34] Nice.Out there are now integrating with API so Commerce which is the big eCommerce plug in a lot of the smaller from the plugins for formed,if you can grab all your entries from form submissions they have AP eyes,I was running EDD which is easy to download Witches eCommerce for content.They have an an awesome API so hot out there already that allows you to kind of.[36:13] You know what takes work and how cool it is all the majority of all the plugins but allowing all this plug-in to get installed right quickly and then all the sudden you have this extra API data to an inventor.[36:28] Yeah that makes sense it's interesting to that exposes how the surface area for you to dive into and grab stuff from and.And work off of them one of the things that I use a lot is after I had lunch with Blair who.Built memberpress and he's like oh yeah you just use the API in this way.Hans after and then it just does all that stuff and so if you need to push you can do webhooks and if you need to pull then you do the rest API and it all just kind of works.Yeah that's a really big API developer,where did Christ which Kratom plug-in give which is a donation plug-in popular,I'm a lot of their Integrations are was happier and so that when I talk about guys,really allows down to on the back and the side of things like on the business side of their website.I'll do whatever they wanted to do have their marketing,push out marketing content but then be able to track a lot of their consumers as their clients and products in all of that stuff through other,channels or other applications even because of API allows in the do that through all those after connections.[38:02] So are there other things you can do with the API other than question pulled data and authentication I mean her are there other things you can make it do.[38:11] I mean it's acceptable to the point where you can say he was around here is the URL that you're going to head.Basin,nothing is heading HTTP a URL to the Callback function and so really the sky's the limit on what I call that function does so for example I filled out an application,which has a custom URL and the endpoint does payments right so on the back and you're passing in,a straight either a customer token customer idea think it's called the HPI HPI then says okay,charges customer for ex product,the front doesn't actually change the JavaScript framework single page application but you're taking on payments and without having to do the like checkout process workflow,like most carts do.Other cool things that you can do just really basic so right now I'm working on a project which allows,customers to open up the website of Commerce a they have product in the product is 100% customizable it's using a,angular act as a customizer right so.[39:46] What it does is open up the app from the product page and pull SIM card data it creates a project.Custom post type that stores and like that users temporary data.And then you messing around with this the singular app which is super cool you agree interface and when you save it.It says it back to that custom-post-type.In the same Jason block and then it takes them to through the default woocommerce checkout so its workflow for the customer I get to the customer customize apart.Single page application that runs on a separate server even that's just getting and pushing data to custom endpoints in the Commerce of WordPress site.[40:39] Nice.[40:45] Not sure what else to ask if anyone else have questions.[40:54] Good resources for people to get started with the WordPress API and JavaScript.[41:00] Yeah there's a lot of talks about it so check out WordPress. TV and YouTube.If you are wondering which transcript framework might be best,I actually just released last week a video on YouTube literally called what JavaScript framework should you use with the WordPress rest API it's under Caldera WP with his own.Company work on doing that kind of stuff under I will send you guys a link so if you want to lick it out but.Learning what API can do I even gave a really low level talk in Montreal last year on kind of the case for why we need a guy to begin when what you kind of do with it.Just wanting to understand why this thing exists.Diving deeper into it if you want to pick out a framework what is WordPress. TV but lynda.com has some great tutorial.On it including sorry one of my own on angular as well as,what's boss does a really good react chorus and Zack Warden.Has trying to get his website JavaScript for WordPress or WordPress for JavaScript.[42:41] Which is a Master Core sides good for wp.com which is Javascript WordPress Master course as he calls it which allows you to a kind of learned both JavaScript API simultaneously.So you don't plan your resources out there.Jones developers who develop preserve now releasing a ton of content out there and saying.Hey we've been doing this for a while and I'll let me teach you how to do it.[43:11] How many first getting into it as there's like some common things.The people tried to do that sort of get them get their feet wet in the word Presley br.The easiest thing to do if you just trying to get your feet wet is tried to spit out of page that shows your latest blog post right cuz there's an API endpoint for it is there.So the first thing I tell her we want to do you know if you put your,whatever it is you're going to build with JavaScript or anything else I would have to frame or a library just try to show off and not any type of designed way your latest post,title and author or title and content I feel like once you understand how to do that,then you can start pushing forward into multi-view right so having a list and detail page that's usually the next step.Flipping a whole thing and we taking that same object which is a post off everything on post,API other post request to actually update that the post so that's kind of the methodology have been doing when I try to teach people how to use it,show Bay City no title car.And move until multi-view Works title in Effexor with a detail page and then flipped out in the say okay same data Now poster request back to show how is so and I update today.[45:01] For my workshop I didn't we did three examples.[45:06] First example was to work on both WordPress example was actually cold front end.Which I have on GitHub which is basically angular 1X in HTML fashion and.All you do is set up a config file and say hey here's where my WordPress site is and it does everything else so that it shows your list and detail page and it can load,watch anywhere at that point it's just a couple front-end second example was actually plug in dashboard,but they didn't actually a lot of people like because.I'm okay we run this thing to be wherever you want to be it kind of doesn't matter where,I can live on a whole nother server so that's another good one to get going with people on people like that if they're.Advanced understand the concept of you know it doesn't have to be a theme to Wordpress contact then that's always a good one cuz it's really simple it's just basic angular.I'll repeat with the two routes display.This episode is sponsored by front and Masters Engineers have watched over two million hours of front of Masters videos to upgrade their skills in the latest best practices in front end development and nodejs popular video courses of theirs include courses on.[46:45] Advanced JavaScript angular2 react API design with note and social and asynchronous JavaScript many of their teachers have even been guests on JavaScript,somatoform masters.com.[46:57] Music.[47:06] Alright well should we get to some pics yeah I got some.[47:13] Alright do you want to go first or should I make the pentacle first alright Corey what are you pics.Okay so I have.2 pics of my first pic is a a webpack plugin that he owes money roaches to help,preloader prefetch JavaScript when you're lazy loading super cool very very handy for those that are using webpack cuz you can,junk your JavaScript up and then just download pieces of it as people navigate through your site so I'll share a link to that and then my second is I just want to promote my hometown conference which is kcdc,Kansas City developers conference that's coming up on August 3rd and 4th the tickets are available it's a reasonable you can do,the conference and pre compiler for 250 or the conference only for 175 and our food is actually good you get some real deal Kansas City Barbecue during the conference to always an excellent show for polyglot JavaScript is a big piece of the conference every year and in fact this year there were,more Java Script submissions I think than any other topic so a great conference for JavaScript Deb's those are my two.[48:35] Alright well Amy what are your pics.Okay I'll the first one I have something else on Hacker News last week it is called the mythical 10x programmer,and I just thought.I don't know there are some like good points and here good goals and things to think about as you're wanting to improve so I'll put a link for that in the show notes and then I don't want to have a new protein bar that,I really like,about time protein in a little bit more sugar than I usually like to have but Quest has cereal bars now so the thing I like about these are only like,Garrett 800 calories so.Like the typical Quest Bars usually like around 200 so it's like half bad Hangouts like 12 grams of protein so I was excited when I saw this that's it for me are Joe what are your pics.[49:39] Last weekend I went to Salt con.[49:43] To the convention here in Salt Lake City that is a board game can forgiving convention so 3 days it just playing board games all day long it was super awesome so I want to pick for sure.[49:58] And a few games one of which are very fun but one particularly this to that which I've actually played before it wasn't new to me but it was.Playing in the first the board game terraforming Mars some really good for a good board game.Terraforming Mars totally awesome hard to get right now but I think it's another print run coming in so within the next month or two she back in the stores and then you looking for fun convention once again March sometime.The salt con convention here in Salt Lake City if you like giving.I think you picked that last year and I think I was making all I really want to go to that make a note.[50:44] I want to jump in with a couple of pics of the first pic that I have my wife and I.We went out for our 12th wedding anniversary this last weekend and.We it was kind of a busy day because for one my daughter was baptized and you don't win in my.Faith you know wall where the men can hold the priesthood which means I got baptized and which was really fun and then,the other thing that happened was we you know we went out for dinner we went to Ruth's Chris Mann.Ice cream or Ruth Chris Steak it's a hard Choice Alyssa put it that way.MN so I'm going to pick them and then we went and saw the movie The Shack.Which was just absolutely amazing I really want to see that.Yeah if you're Christian you definitely should see it if you want to kind of understand how Christians see the world you should definitely go and see if it was just totally amazing.So I'll just I'll just put it out there that way if you don't get Christianity this will get it for you.And yeah I just I just really really love movies so yeah so those are my pics what are your pics.[52:06] Cool I'm going to start off with if you happen to be going to ng-conf this year come check out my car cuz I want and you don't show up.Also Caldera learn.com that is a new,we are doing new ways of teaching people or kind of courses online but we have free courses,recorded courses in live webinars with your pretty cool are we talked a lot about this WordPress JavaScript interchange as well working a lot of them,I was going to programming with PHP I'm so I'm pretty stoked stoked about that we watched last week so I'm really excited Caldera learn.com and finally I just buy a dog named Kevin Hoffman of the wordpress community,it's called CSS element queries,basically it's a whole new way of doing polyfill at the cool new way of doing the response of development and instead of doing browser with or a few port with based element based I think so,if your container to certain size have your,fast render certain way which works really well if you are really concerned about how something looks based on whatever container,we have 14 developers who don't get the or Plumbing developers you don't get the option to really dive into their theme code of users theme code so I've been diving into it it's really really cool.[53:44] On those get a repo CSS element queries from what I hear it's going to become brothers supported.In the near future but not yet so she's a polyfill but really cool.[53:58] Nice I forgot one other pic and I need to pick it now I'm going to be putting up a Kickstarter so.And this is for a replacement for five minutes of JavaScript that had a lot of people reach out to me and just tell me how much they miss that show Coat school used to put it on and they closed it up.So if you want this I'm just going to put the kickstarter up basically for would it cost me to.Put together a podcast for six months and then hopefully by then I'll have sponsorships that actually pay for the show.My mom's going to be looking for a new co-host I'll probably offer the position first to the panelists for JavaScript Jabber.But if not interested then I may just open it up so you may want to keep an eye out for an announcement just in case that becomes a possibility.So anyway I'm all have a link in the show notes for the kickstarter effect.If you go to that. TV / 5Ks.It'll take it to the kickstarter how about that I can just set that up now and just looking forward to interacting with some folks and getting an idea and a feel for.You know how I can put content out there that serves your needs so anyway I forgot what I was doing.[55:19] There you go Roy thank you for coming on and talking about this I think it's always interesting just kind of this other angle on development and what we can do on the web.[55:30] All right we'll go ahead and wrap this one up then we'll catch you all next week I say.[55:40] Been with for this segment is provided by Cash live the world's fastest ET and deliver your content fast with cash life is it cache fly.com two more.[55:54] Music. 

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