JSJ 256 WordPress and WordPress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan


    WordPress and WordPress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan

    On today's JavaScript Jabber Show, Charles, Aimee, Joe, and Cory discuss WordPress and WordPress API for JavaScript Developers with Roy Sivan. Roy is a WordPress (WP) developer at Disney Interactive. He has long been a fan of JavaScript and WP. During a WordCamp, the WP Founder announced the need for WP developers to learn JavaScript. But, what's in WP that developers should be interested about? Tune in to learn!

    A Simple CMS

    WordPress is easy especially for the angular community. According to Roy, developers can just take an API and do whatever they can. The difficulty lies in having WP on the backend, and telling developers that they don't need to build their own CMS.

    Changes in Favor of JavaScript

    The WP founder's announcement of the need to learn JavaScript brought in changes. It sparked developers to work on the framework immediately aside from other things.

    At present, the community favors React. This is due to Automattic's release of Calypso, an admin tool that's built on React. Lots of other initiatives are also built on React.

    Learning Different Frameworks

    As Roy puts it, there's a whole mix of frontend frameworks. But, Angular and React remains the big players in the field. Roy recently made a video course on YouTube regarding the pros and cons of different frameworks.

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