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My Angular Story Jeff Whelpley

Jeff is a Google Developer Expert, Boston AI Meet-up co-organizer, and a Boston Angular Meet-up co-organizer. He has been a guest in Adventures in Angular for a couple of times already. He also  spoke  at the Angular Remote Conference last year. Tune in to My Angular Story Jeff Whelpley  to know more about what he is now up to and his story on programming.

How He Started

Unlike many, the beginning of his journey in programming did not really begin in anything related to it. When he was a teenager, he did all sorts of jobs because his mom just wanted to send them off to any kind of work under the sun. He and his brother worked for their neighbors like little slaves. He initially entered into the real programming when he joined Lucent Technologies in New Jersey. He worked on thousands of Excel spreadsheets that needed to be updated with the latest data. He went through each of them, taking much of his time. One of his co-workers suggested that he use macro to make his life easier. He then got curious about how things work. He noticed that macros got this programming language called VBScript which you can code to run the macros. Clippy, the Microsoft Office helper, guided him through the basics of Excel.

Jumping Onto Web Development

In the late 90's, programming was not really the kind of career that was prestigious. When he got into college, his parents wanted him to take up medicine. However, he realized that that wasn't really for him, and so he joined the Computer Science program. When he graduated college, it was the peak of the dot-com boom. He immediately got hired by a hardcore consulting company.  He also flew around the country and worked for companies like eBay and Priceline, building the initial versions of their software.

Transition to Angular

He was initially at California consulting and soon joined a financial company which eventually became Wells Fargo. While he was there, he became an engineering director, handling different software development teams and creating products for the auto-finance department. He, along with the team, had to recreate an old legacy product. They thought of how to deal with details efficiently. Jeff researched a lot into different technologies like Java, and he ran into jQuery and Backbone. Soon after he left Wells Fargo, he got to use Backbone and eventually met Angular around that time. To hear the rest of My Angular Jeff Whelpley, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Get in touch with Jeff and learn more about him by following him on TwitterDon't forget to let Jeff know you heard about him on's Adventures in Angular My Angular StoryJeff on TwitterIf you're short on time, here are the highlights of My Angular Story Jeff Whelpley :How everything in programming started for Jeff? (2:56) How did he leap onto web development? (7:00) How Jeff got into Angular? (19:14) What is Get Human? (25:38) About Boston AI? (55:52)


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