MAS 007: Dylan Johnson

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MAS 007: Dylan Johnson

Charles Max Wood welcomes Dylan Johnson to share his Angular Story on today's podcast. Dylan appeared as a guest in episode 75, where he talked about future-minded JavaScript in Angular. Listen to his experience in programming, and learn what keeps him busy these days! Tune into  MAS 007 Dylan Johnson: My Angular Story.

Meet Dylan Johnson

Dylan hails from Richmond, Virginia and currently works at Capital One. He has been programming for 6 years. He is primarily a JavaScript Engineer, and a part time DevOps enthusiast. After graduating from college in 2010, Dylan worked at a marketing firm. He didn't really expect he'd pursue programming. He used to provide designs and marketing services to stores.

Service to the Market

Dylan noticed how a lot of franchisees allocated their budget arbitrarily. They knew the market size and the importance of certain stores. To help them out, Dylan built a cell template that would pull the data from their point of sales. He used pivot tables to help them allocate their budget more efficiently. At that point, he did not even know what algorithm was.

A Change of Heart

After a year, Dylan quit his job in the marketing firm. He decided to learn more about coding and to eventually start his own data firm. In his pursuit to get better with codes, he took different kinds of work. Dylan accepted contracts for front-end work, basic html CSS, vector illustration, and others. His goal slowly changed from starting his own business to becoming a good software engineer. He grew fond of understanding layers and figuring how to find ideas. To hear the rest of MAS 007 Dylan Johnson: My Angular Story, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Stay in touch with Dylan Johnson! Feel free to send him a message at Don't forget to let him know you heard about him on's Adventures in Angular My Angular Story! If you're short on time, here are the highlights of MAS 007 Dylan Johnson: My Angular Story:How Dylan started in programming? (2:20) Building something important? (11:08) Dealing with challenges? (19:47) Contributions in the Angular community? (24:00) What is Dylan working on today? (29:11)


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