MAS 008 Shai Reznik: My Angular Story

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MAS 008 Shai Reznik: My Angular Story

Charles Max Wood welcomes Shai Reznik to share his Angular Story on today's podcast. Shai has been in the show twice—one happened after his NG app talk and the other he talked about preparing for Angular 2.  Listen to how his journey in programming began and what he is up to now! Tune into  MAS 008 Shai Reznik: My Angular Story.

Door to Programming

His father bought him a computer when he was a kid. Unlike how other developers started, he didn't try to hack or tear computer parts and reassemble them. All he wanted was to create games, and so he learned the basics. But he got bored eventually. When he reached high school, he attended a computer class, but that did not really gravitate him towards programming. He didn't want to do anything related to it because he found it to be depressing. Initially, he didn't want to become a programmer anymore, but things changed after he came out from his army service.

Staying Humble

Shai acknowledges that he still has a lot to learn, and he is aware that there are many people who are better than him. He doesn't want to be in the position where he thinks highly of himself. He believes that learning stops when one gets proud. His love for learning led him to the field of teaching. He experiences fulfillment whenever he sees his students smile. When he teaches, he is also learning. Because of that, he continues to share his knowledge to those who need it.

Entering Angular

He originally started in JavaScript like changing buttons around 2000. Sometime in 2006, he went back to it then developed applications with Flesh technology.  He learned Adobe Flex and was into it for 6 years simply because he hated CSS. When Steve Jobs said they won't support Flesh anymore, he felt it was time to go back to JavaScript. He became a co-founder of a startup back then. He got back to JavaScript in 2011. He searched for more familiar and large-scale applications since pure JavaScript was difficult to use back then. He created a framework called JavaScript MVC. Amber came out, but he struggled with it. Soon, he resorted to using Angular. To hear the rest of MAS 008 Shai Reznik: My Angular Story, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Stay in touch with Shai Reznik! He surely would love to hear from you. Follow and tweet him @shai_reznik. Don't forget to let him know you heard about him on's Adventures in Angular My Angular Story! If you're short on time, here are the highlights of MAS 008 Shai Reznik: My Angular Story:How the programming door opened? (2:46) On staying humble? (6:20) Entering Angular? (7:42) His Angular speaking breakthrough? (21:57) What Shai's up to? (31:09)


Shai: NG conference 2017 and Goodness Squad (open source contributing project) Charles: Gunnar glasses and Jam Plus bluetooth speaker


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