MAS 009 Roy Sivan: My Angular Story

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MAS 009 Roy Sivan: My Angular Story

On today's episode of My Angular Story, Charles Max Wood interviews Roy Sivan. Roy is an expert front-end developer, who talked about WordPress and Angular in episode 102 of the Adventures in Angular Show. Listen to his journey in programming, and know about the projects he's currently up to!

Learning from the Books

Roy started in web programming in the late 90s. At an early age, he used to ask his mother to buy him a book about HTML. He no longer remembers why he was so interested. During weekends he'd work on his Pentium computer and learn HTML. He's been in the industry for many years, and has always worked on codes.

Not By Age or Time

He recalls running a meetup group for WordPress. There he met a lot of programmers who started later in life. Unlike him, they were already either working or doing something else when they entered programming.

“I'll talk to people who are like in their 50s or 60s,...and I'm clearly like half of their age. But, that's how it is.” -Roy Sivan

Nowadays, anyone can learn how to code conveniently. Back then, Roy had to style everything by tables. Regardless of age or time, anyone interested still have space in the industry.

An Open Field of Opportunities

Roy shares that anyone can still venture into programming. There's always a lot of new websites or projects to work on. According to him, clients change overtime and the clientele are completely different.

“There is always a new realm that you can tap into.” -Roy Sivan

You can join meetups by popular consultants. There's just so many areas available that you can dive into and specialize in, such as internet security. To hear about MAS 009 Roy Sivan: My Angular Story, download and listen to the entire episode.

Get Connected

Roy would love to hear from you! Visit him through the links below. Don't forget to let Roy know you heard about him on's Adventures in Angular My Angular Story!

  • Search for royboy789 everywhere in the internet
  • Roy Sivan's website
  • The WP Crowd
  • course If you're short on time, here are the highlights of MAS 009 Roy Sivan: My Angular Story:How did Roy get into programming? (1:53) Open door of opportunity? (6:08) How did Roy get into Angular? (13:40) Contributions in the community? (18:34) Roy's current projects? (21:25)


Roy: Angular UI Router for Angular 1, Web designer mag, WP Rest APICharles: Pretty Links Pro, Memberpress, Genesis Theme 

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