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  • Charles Max Wood
  • Mike Hartington

Mike is an Ionic Developer Advocate. He's been a guest in Adventures in Angular (Episode 64 and 109) and JavaScript Jabber, and he spoke in Angular Remote Conference.

Tune in to My Angular Story Mike Hartington to know more about how he started in programming. His first dive in programming was simply out of necessity. He took Intro to Computer Science in high school where he did visual basic. He really didn't think of pushing it through college, and he was into craft design courses instead. When he had his last semester course on web design, that was the first time he went back into programming and web technology after high school.

He fell in love with Flash before JavaScript. He found it to be so awesome because it's interactive and it's so much fun. When he got out of school, he did marketing and design at a company.

One of the requirements were to do interactive product demos and create resources for sales team. They were provided with iPads to do the task, but Flash doesn't run on iPads. So, he had to relearn JavaScript.

When he got hired in a company as a designer working with developers, he initially that it would look great. But eventually he didn't want to do the job because it would take him forever. He also had this boss who was very much a visual person. When he showed him something on the computer, he was asked about how that particular thing would work.

Not having Sketch back then, he didn't have the newer UI mockup tools. He recoded all the interactions, and his boss was pleased. Being a designer before has somewhat been an influence to Mike's life as a programmer

He helps other developers handle issues and figure better solutions just like how a designer would do. The main goal of designing is producing an output that appears as if it's done the only way it should. In the end, the product would seem to a natural fit.

Charles agrees with Mike's ideas about to solve a problem. When using an API, for instance, Mike doesn't want to think too hard about how to use it. He wants to keep things simple. The API should be built the way it should have been used.

To hear the rest of our interview with Mike Hartington, download and listen to the entire episode. Get in touch with Mike and learn more about him by following Mike on Twitter

If you're short on time, here are the highlights of this interview with Mike Hartington:

  • Mike's first experiences in programming (07:03)
  • What led him back to programming? (09:50)
  • How does design influence programming? (12:21)
  • How did Mike get into Angular? (14:06)
  • Mike's other open source projects? (17:31)
  • Mike's basis in deciding to contribute in a project? (19:17)
  • How did he get into Ionic? (24:14)



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