MAS 052: Brooks Forsyth


    Panel: Charles Max Wood

    Guest: Brooks Forsyth

    This week on My Angular Story, Charles speaks with Brooks Forsyth who is frontend developer who has been doing this for four years. He works for a large consulting corporation who will remain nameless, and he lives in Harper, Connecticut.

    In particular, we dive pretty deep on:

    4:09 – Chuck: I would like to dive in. How did you get into Angular in the first place?

    4:20 Guest: I was at a service desk in CT. One of my jobs was to open 75 different emails and make sure that it didn’t send an “error” message. I had to make sure nothing failed. That was boring. I used Auto Hot Key. That was fun, and did a lot of that there, which got me into programming. I had a Bachelor’s in Business. Went to get my Master’s in Computer Science, but took along time. Started doing IT recruiting. Then next thing you know I moved into my parents’ house and did coder camps. And that worked out. Then I got hired by the Charter Internet Company. Now I am in large consulting firm in CT.

    6:40 – Chuck asks another question.

    6:349 – Guest: When I was picking coding camps I chose the one that was teaching Angular.

    7:30 – Chuck: What do you do in your spare time?

    7:38 – Guest: I have 2 kids who are 4 years old and 1 years old. I have a really cool fish tank that has coral reef in it.

    8:00 – Chuck: Which Angular project was your favorite?

    8:09 – Guest: Ionic Project was a lot of fun. The app was already written and I was to convert it. In theory not change the backend. I had a lot of fun making that app. I love working with Ionic.

    9:37 – Chuck: Ionic is going into other frameworks.

    10:05 – Chuck: I have feelings about the show, The View.

    10:37 – Chuck: what is your workflow in Angular?

    10:44 – Guest answers question. Brooks mentions jQuery during this timestamp.

    11:50 – Chuck: What is your involvement in the community?

    12:00 – Guest: I participate in the Slack. Answer questions in there.

    12:39 – Chuck: There are a lot of people in the background helping people out in the chat room. There is another person on the other end helping others.

    13:06 – Guest: I could be doing CSS but I rather be doing this instead. I don’t mind answering any questions or prodding the person to get more information. “What are the steps to recreate it?” And my answer was…

    14:09 – Chuck: I worked through Q/A for a while. And it is interesting.

    14:25 – You don’t want to brush them off completely because they are obviously frustrated.

    14:43 – Chuck: What are you working on now.

    14:50 – Guest answers question.

    15:03 – Chuck: Anything you’d like for people to know about you?

    15:22 – Guest: I can make something up real quick…

    15:30 – Chuck: How you are contributing is awesome, just thought to ask.

    15:48 – Guest: I do enjoy helping out in the chat community. Also, talking with the other developers.

    16:10 – Picks!