MAS 080: Ely Lucas and Mike Hartington

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  • CacheFly Host:  Charles Max Wood Joined By Special Guests: Ely Lucas and Mike Hartington

Episode Summary

Coming to you live from the podcast booth at ng-conf 2019 is Charles Max Wood with Ely Lucas and Mike Hartington. Ely and Mike both work at Ionic, an app developer platform that helps developers build and deploy cross-platform apps. A heated discussion on who had the beard first (Jeff Cross or Mike Hartington) ensues, (spoiler alert it's Jeff Cross because he is OLDER than Mike Hartington) as they try to find out who is running the @ HartingtonBeard Twitter account. Ely and Mike talk about what they have been working on at Ionic, and the 4.0 release of Ionic Framework. This is Ely's first time at ng-confand Mike's first time giving a talk at it. They talk about how the conference has evolved for the better and what their favorite parts of the conference are. Links


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